offline Vesuvan Legend  
Monday 18/06/2007, 22:43

NO CATCH , FREE & Should be fun lolz! only need 50 ctz to accept card if you are a winner!

How do you win ?

Simple - Guess a number between 0-1000 The Person to guess the correct number wins there card ! each person is allowed 2 guesses and no worries ill be honest , the person or persons to correctly guess the correct number wins option 1 if no winner the person or persons closest to correct number receive runner up prize

Even better if no one guesses the correct number - the person closest to it...Guess what you still win something..

PRIZE: (If # Correctly Guessed)
Your Very Own A Award Cr Card Value=17 000 ctz current market value at time of post Compliments of me !

2nd PRIZE: (if # Closest Guess)
Your Very Own Selsya Cr Value=8 500 ctz current market value at time of post

Good Luck!

offline dva19951 Novice  
Tuesday 19/06/2007, 12:39

Prophet when do you say who is the winner ?

offline ReverseRaven Hero  
Tuesday 19/06/2007, 12:56

4 and 13 smiley

offline Robu95 Senior -Total Game FreaKs-
Tuesday 19/06/2007, 13:39

650 and 700

offline Vesuvan Legend  
Tuesday 19/06/2007, 15:10

Well lolz some of you very close but one hit it on the ding dong good job lolz pure luck this is and your correct like finding a needle in a haystack lolz....... the number was 227 i didnt think anyone would guess it lolz but here you go

1st : Good Guess! Your Very Own A Award Cr

AODJettGeekEV - Titan
Today at 13:10
111 and 227

2nd: didnt have to give this but i will smiley * thanks for playing lolz smiley
0eMs Haku Kid - Titan
Today at 09:10

Lol wow very fun....ill say 265 or 890 hahahahah like a freaking needle in a hay stack

your cards are in your private sales, thanks all for playin im sure ill come up with fresh new challenges and ideas.....

treasure hunt perhaps threwout the game / pages lolz my next idea im working on smiley

offline Collector_HM Guru Pit Viper
Tuesday 19/06/2007, 15:19

The number 13 has been taken by: THe ICeKiNG , 0_G0th and 1VT Jerre-EVO

offline Gus Lee Imperator  
Tuesday 19/06/2007, 15:32

999 and 6

offline cannonballrun Veteran  
Tuesday 19/06/2007, 15:34

555 & 11

offline Collector_HM Guru Pit Viper
Tuesday 19/06/2007, 15:57

Cul idea any way i just chose my lucky numbers, i guess its time to change them LOL

offline Voske Imperator aussie crusaders
Tuesday 19/06/2007, 15:58

11 and 211

offline AODJettGeek Imperator Army of Darkness
Tuesday 19/06/2007, 16:22

Cool! Wasn't 227 a spinoff show from "The Jeffersons"?
Thanks for the contest and the card mate!

With 2 guesses and 1000 choices that's a 1 in 500 chance (or 0.2%) of guessing the right one, assuming no duplicates. I didn't think anyone would get it (least of all me).

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