offline TnT-SylntEcho Colossus TRiNiTY
Monday 21/01/2008, 11:12

Decode the code given below and you will win erpeto

if this is successful i will give more code to decode and better cards to win

i wont give any hints.......

here's the code


offline breakpoint Hero  
Monday 21/01/2008, 11:56

"I am addicted to urban rivals"... correct sir? smiley

offline skillz_4_u Veteran  
Monday 21/01/2008, 12:29



offline Ink_MoB Imperator Pinoy Locals
Monday 21/01/2008, 14:04

I get it!
You're using a cellphone to type in the statement smiley (with the dictionary ON)

I am addicted to urban rivals. - this is the messagesmiley

offline von Hohenheim Senior  
Monday 21/01/2008, 15:42

Easy, "I am addicted to urban rivals"

offline skillz_4_u Veteran  
Monday 21/01/2008, 17:43

Yeah i agree with breakepoint and asakura Z

offline Ninja-zero Legend  
Monday 21/01/2008, 19:13

Darn too late can you make another one please

offline Buld Hero !!!The Guild of Winners!!!
Monday 21/01/2008, 19:30

I won to win something to so please another one. Olease.

offline TnT-SylntEcho Colossus TRiNiTY
Tuesday 22/01/2008, 08:31

Cool...very fast huh... smiley

check ur private sales....

next code on saturday......if i come online

offline Gryazzie Titan  
Tuesday 22/01/2008, 12:39

I al ready know it -.-..learn it from DETECTIVE CONAN!!!! ( yea its a great comic...)

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