offline FP_Ashigaru1 Veteran  
Sunday 02/03/2008, 22:36

I'm organizing tournament. Here are the rules:
No clintz to enter
No prizes but bragging rights will be awarded! smiley
I'm only going to have the Bragging Rights Tournament once a year!
The first 20 people will be in.
Please PM me if you want in!!

Good Luck,

offline LOA_2SHARP Imperator Legends of America
Monday 03/03/2008, 03:13

Ok im in

offline OC-Anthony H- Titan Open Casket
Monday 03/03/2008, 06:49

Whatare your rules? example Deck Limit smiley

offline Xadvid Master URBAN MADNESS
Monday 03/03/2008, 22:59

Fine ill join.

offline SperoSpera Titan  
Tuesday 04/03/2008, 04:20

I'm in, no doubt.

offline death-_angel Hero  
Tuesday 04/03/2008, 08:23

Im in (my rank is Senior coz i just sold some cards to get a rare

offline Geforcer Guru  
Tuesday 04/03/2008, 09:05

I'm in.

offline soliuz Imperator  
Tuesday 04/03/2008, 20:33

Ill b in tell me the rules

offline FP_Ashigaru1 Veteran  
Tuesday 04/03/2008, 21:39

Xigbar 2
(8 people so far, 12 spaces open)
@ {SAW}Bish-EVO & Soliuz & everyone that wants to know:
1.This will be in Lost Warehouse, w/ a 35 star limit.
2. Bragging points will be awarded for a victory.
3. Double Elimination- Must lose twice, You will play 3 games against each other.
4. The way of play for a full tournament are as follows:
player1 vs player2=loser to loser bracket, winner to winner bracket
player3 vs player4=loser vs loser of round 1, winner vs winner of round 1
I will try to pair you up according to level! smiley

P.S. How many of you prefer none rescue decks? I need a majority vote for this rule.

offline Xadvid Master URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 04/03/2008, 22:22

Oh Hard Oppents S h i t

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