offline FP_Ashigaru1 Veteran  
Friday 28/03/2008, 00:27

Ok here are the rules:
Guild must have US flag.
No entry fee.
Taking 10 guilds and 5 people from each guild.
If you are representing your guild you must have 4 other members with you.
I will have what guilds are battling later, And an inside bracket fo people.
Each guild will have 2 weeks to battle each other then we move onto the next seed.
If one participant does not battle, I will go by number of wins for each guild.
*Remember if you don't battle your person your opponent will get a win.*
Starts sometime in May, but you can sign up now. SIGN UP DEADLINE: May 1st
First 10 guild's get in, BUT you must post the members who are participating too or else you won't be in!
If I mess something up, then please tell me immediately be private message.

offline soliuz Imperator  
Friday 28/03/2008, 01:57

What are the fight rules? are there prizes plz b more pacific?

offline Nintendan WMD Imperator  
Friday 28/03/2008, 20:06

Hello please answer

offline FP_Ashigaru1 Veteran  
Saturday 29/03/2008, 15:43

@ Soliuz I'm not sure what room we will be fighting in but if you have any suggestions I be happy to take them! The rules are as follows:
35 star limit
minimum stars are 25
I'm not sure if I will be providing prizes or not. I will post if I decide to or not.
@ Nintendan Do you want in? same with Soliuz

offline Nintendan WMD Imperator  
Saturday 29/03/2008, 17:29

I think star count should be re thought because if not I can play I deck of

6 lvl 5 =30 stars and then add a 3 and two star to make 8 card deck

I like danger zone because of no random

offline FP_Ashigaru1 Veteran  
Saturday 29/03/2008, 21:33

Good Point, Ok a 30 star limit.

offline pl91 Master URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 29/03/2008, 23:32

Hey what about your other tourney????

offline LockeCole Novice  
Sunday 30/03/2008, 00:13

The Dark Carnival Guild of Juggalos will be joining the fight. We are currently deciding on the best five to send.

offline FP_Ashigaru1 Veteran  
Sunday 30/03/2008, 19:50

@ Pl91 I'm still running that one, too, but it may be canceled because of people's inability to send timezones.
@ LockeEsperFire Ok, Please send me the names.

Dark Carnival Guild of Juggalos

offline FP_Ashigaru1 Veteran  
Wednesday 02/04/2008, 01:54

I'm bumping this up to see if anymore people are interested.

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