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Wednesday 04/06/2008, 06:23

I get Kenny in pack and i think make little profit. So lottery for Kenny.

Prize: Kenny (maxed)

Ticket price.
1 ticket: 1000 clintz.

Each player can buy only 5 tickets.

There are only 30 tickets.

Pay me now. Thats better because when we sold 30 tickets we need wait when players pay and its time too.

I start lottery only when 30 tickets sold.

Good luck. Remember: Watch my Graksmxxt lottery.

offline dark mokona Novice  
Wednesday 04/06/2008, 23:34

You will earn 30k exact for 2 discounted kenny

offline Confirm Veteran  
Saturday 07/06/2008, 18:32


offline Confirm Veteran  
Monday 09/06/2008, 14:06

Bump I set 23 tickets only now.

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