Sunday 08/06/2008, 15:02

Week long lottery for Zatman. Drawing will be held SUN.the 15th.Tix are 500 clintz each, Two tix max per person.send a card for 50 i'll send it back for 550.Winner will be notified immediately.GOOD LUCK.

Wednesday 11/06/2008, 15:32

Can i still join?

i will win

Wednesday 11/06/2008, 20:35

Darn it i was thinkin of joinin late if not many did but u brang it back to the top and it will be noticed

Thursday 12/06/2008, 02:54

2 tickets

Thursday 12/06/2008, 19:15

Sorry i didnt mention how many tix.but i would need a few more.for this to happen


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