offline QuiGon Master  
Monday 09/06/2008, 19:37

Kolos should GO FROM ELO....either that either brihg marco or alec back...not fair..

just what Kolos and Kenny damage can do together.. dumb ppl say that he can be stopped with some good cards..well it can't..ELO you always play with combination of good and not so good cards. each player takes 2 moves for attack and 2 for defence...stats says taht you have to have AT LEAST ONE bad card in team that cannot stand with colos..i just have to wait for you to play that card and i reply with colos for all pillz left from fury and that's it.

at least to get this game back tobalance ..put COURAGE on Kolos ability. that would do the trick.

this game just got worse after banning alec together with marco from ELO.

offline mage chocobo Senior  
Tuesday 10/06/2008, 01:54

Nope is exciting
yeah you can use that bad card last or if he plays first
if he use it last you may pawn your opponent before used kolos
or you can use kolos downside (leviatonn glorg dieter nahi cr damage reducer with high power and damage and morlha can do tricks too)

offline Falvern Hero TRiNiTY
Tuesday 10/06/2008, 11:17

Lol... kolos is already weak against alot of cards... usually -power cards.... so that shouldn't be a problem... you could always use gheist for their -power abilities

z3r0 d34d
see...there are three - power abilities which is enough... then combined with montana for the ultimate kolos killer

prince jr.
mona and prince jr. and edd can beat kolos ... so there are ALOT of cards that can beat kolos... so they shouldn't ban kolos from elo

offline RKSicaa Master  
Tuesday 10/06/2008, 12:03

I always use Dean to win in ELO

offline Anger_HM Hero Hueco Mundo
Tuesday 10/06/2008, 12:04

Kolos? i'm hoping to see him in elo with my ideal hand.. or some ideal cards/non ideal cards smiley i'm dumb? since i say kolos can be stopped?

another thing..this should be in strategy forum..not here..

offline NewType_0 Imperator  
Tuesday 10/06/2008, 12:18

KOLOS is just a big risk to every player who uses them
there is no reason to ban him

offline Gryazzie Titan  
Tuesday 10/06/2008, 12:41

KOLOS IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes...theres alot of cards out there having SOA

what if the guy aint using any gheist / roots clan?
what if the guy's deck contain SOA but not all the time gets SOA?
What if a guy bluff a kolos and you put like.....gezillion pillz on that dude and lose in the end?
What if you intended to bluff a card but the opp uses kolos 9 pillz + fury and KO you?


offline Falvern Hero TRiNiTY
Tuesday 10/06/2008, 12:45

@CW: that's why it's risky to go against/face kolos...

offline -Falchion- Imperator  
Tuesday 10/06/2008, 13:02

So from ur post, im dumb? Along with most of the URs best players?
Any decks without any SOA ability is not a good deck then...ur deck should be balanced to deal with as many situations as possible, even so that ur worst draw may sometimes not even be that should carry say a couple/3 damage reducers, SOAs, SOBs...cover (nearly) every situation...
Rescue already have their humongous bonus...without gheist/roots, rescue are hard enough to deal with anyway so why add them back?....they were banned to balance out the metagame....
As for nightmare, there are plenty of cards that can stop them. Alot of decent ELO decks do not run kolos because he can be stopped....even cards like yookie, bristone, b ball can stopp him KOing you in 1 just have to know how to play to get urself out of these situations...

Just coz you use rescue (most likely from ur words) doesnt mean that its unfair when they get banned, you probs used them because they gave u an advantage, whereas most others make anti-rescue decks...i have LT, i use zatman, theyve both been taken out. Im not complaining coz i know they are overpowered, same goes for marco and alec...
Just come up with a way to stop kolos, not many others have a problem with him, you just need to know how to deal with him..

offline mage chocobo Senior  
Tuesday 10/06/2008, 13:21

Yeah even a single flo with bonus can tie your kolos
graff can make kolos nothing
leviatonn glorg spycee dieter nahi cr and morlha can make him junk
and many more just like panda said no good deck if no soa

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