Daily Tourney Scoring?

Wednesday 11/06/2008, 20:59

Sry for asking a" N00B-ish" question: Does anyone know how daily tourneys are now scored and how it dictates how many battle points you get? Help would be appreciated.

Wednesday 11/06/2008, 22:11

Goto the rules tab and read through there it tells u how bp's are assigned and how daily tourn is done alsosmiley

Wednesday 11/06/2008, 23:29

Contact Us -> Game's Rules -> Exact Winning Tables.

Thursday 12/06/2008, 04:17

I wonder if theres a limit on KO points because I got a KO win uwithout using any pillz and I only got 17 points overall. The total character level of my hand was 15. smiley

Thursday 12/06/2008, 04:50

@ mathwiz, if it happened during a tournament, then the pill bonus points will be limited to 2 points (1pill). so no matter how many pills you have @ the end of the match during a tournament, you will only get a maximum of 2 bonus points (if you had pills left) smiley

Thursday 12/06/2008, 07:12

1 hit ko and 2 hit ko will net you more points a 2 hit nets around 20-22 with no pills left i think it was


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