Friday 02/02/2007, 07:28

Here is the first round
kv nivroth vs drew
kv Raven vs gusbert
jericho vs isahia
finga vs allochtoon
kv jagas vs supremo
ravnica vs racso
kv karkus vs kv braker
o-jp vs kv saaa
The ones who wins 3 times are going to the next round, and all the cards that i receive as fee will be distribute as pricemoney
for the first 3 ( plus 6000, 3000 , 2000)

Friday 02/02/2007, 12:02

Well.. there is a litlle change: while isaiah will have difficulties to play his games he is replaced by gawalolo....jericho if you need suggestions contact me...

Friday 02/02/2007, 12:18

Sorry for the misunderstanding. It's just that I'll be inactive for almost 2 months due to a sudden change in some plans. I'm terribly sorry and I apologize for the trouble. smiley

Jericho, are you unhappy just because I was your opponent? Wait till you meet Gawalalolo the NooB on the battlefield, he's good, real good.

Good luck to you all, this is a honourable tourney unlike ELO where people can't be unfair. Kudos to Angelo for the idea! Hope there'll be more tourneys like this when I return from Hibernation, Till then ..

... Gg ... always. smiley

Friday 02/02/2007, 16:04

First result : o-jp vs kv saaa 3:0 , looks that o-jp has a short nick but a strong deck...

Saturday 03/02/2007, 06:01

Ok, news update: Gawalalolo won't be able to substitute for me, so if Jericho accepts to fight me before I leave I accept the challenge. I'm leaving on this Sunday.

Saturday 03/02/2007, 07:39

I sent a message to drew, but still didnt got any answer from his side...

Saturday 03/02/2007, 10:48

Mine too,no replies...

Saturday 03/02/2007, 11:13

I didn't send anything to braker, why he didn't answered? smiley

Saturday 03/02/2007, 11:17

I've proposed to Jericho to duel during todays tourneys but no reply ... yet.

I don't have much time. Let's duel as soon as possible.

Saturday 03/02/2007, 11:47

Can one of my guild enter the tournament?
hope so, mssg me, he really wants to play, smiley

Saturday 03/02/2007, 16:01 narrowly escaped from KVBraker23EVO (7-4) - you received : 20 points and 5 clintz narrowly escaped from KVBraker23EVO (3-2) - you received : 18 points and 5 clintz beat KVBraker23EVO (9-4) - you received : 23 points and 5 clintz
gg Braker, you're a good player, you played really well and the matches was very very hard ( dupa cum banuitzi, astea-s vorbe-n vant >smiley )
Hope to not meet one of my brothers in quarter-finals, too smiley Meet one in final, that's what I want smiley


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