Monday 02/04/2007, 16:54

Group A
0DW Raist EVO

group B
Nate Dogg EVO
KV Huz

group C
K9 Gusbert
KV Karkus EVO
Clintydude PI

group D
Kv Saaaaaa ev
69- JP

good luck everybody

Saturday 14/04/2007, 08:52

I would like to ask all the players to not enter tournaments in the future if they don't want to play, the ones that want to play please pm the players in your group
i'll give another week for some matches to be completed and we'll later see who goes through

Sunday 15/04/2007, 03:59

Yeah I know, but I don't see anyone nor heard from them. As for Nate, I don't see him either. He must be ard when I'm not.

Nate Dogg EVO
KV Huz

We need to arrange our times?!?!!!

Sunday 15/04/2007, 08:25

Everybody has to send pm to decide an hour, is not that impossible to meet

Sunday 15/04/2007, 09:02

Jericho i have seen nate dogg evo but the others i Don`t see in your group i can`t find my group and i cant find karkussmiley

Sunday 15/04/2007, 13:34

Yeah it's not impossible but it's like so hard. I logged in all day, from morning till evening and sometimes when I stay up late.smiley I bet anyone here can vouch for me that they see me ard each day.....

Sunday 15/04/2007, 16:04

Ok I've finally managed to play against KV Huz and won 3-1. Man it was a very close game all the way. Especially the last round. Thanks bro.

Today at 10:01 beat KV Huz (12-4) - you received : 1 points and 1 clintz
Today at 09:52 lost against KV Huz (2-7) - you received : 8 points and 2 clintz
Today at 09:44 narrowly escaped from KV Huz (9-6) - you received : 22 points and 5 clintz
Today at 09:36 beat KV Huz (8-2) - you received : 24 points and 5 clintz

Monday 16/04/2007, 13:06

I am in but i have school now so make it on the week end plz

Tuesday 17/04/2007, 12:37

See the fights below. After this epic confrontation, I succeded to conquer 0DW Raist, 3-1 smiley

Aujourd'hui à 12:33 ..tu as vaincu 0DW Raist EVO (9-4) - tes gains : 1 points et 1 clintz
Aujourd'hui à 12:25 ..tu as vaincu 0DW Raist EVO (9-3) - tes gains : 20 points et 5 clintz
Aujourd'hui à 12:16 ..tu as fait égalité avec 0DW Raist EVO (5-5) - tes gains : 10 points et 3 clintz
Aujourd'hui à 12:07 ..tu as fait égalité avec 0DW Raist EVO (7-7) - tes gains : 12 points et 3 clintz
Aujourd'hui à 11:57 ..tu as été battu par 0DW Raist EVO (3-smiley - tes gains : 5 points et 2 clintz
Aujourd'hui à 11:49 ..tu as gagné de justesse contre 0DW Raist EVO (9-7) - tes gains : 21 points et 5 clintz

I finished my matches and now I eagerly wait for the second round smiley Good luck to you all!

Tuesday 17/04/2007, 17:55

I wana try ...............................................smileysmileysmiley

Monday 23/04/2007, 06:42

So, does this tourney go on or what? smiley


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