offline OUC_Kenny Master  
Sunday 09/12/2007, 04:10

Please tell me each step to make a tournament of my own 4 my guild i want to know how please can some one
help pleas it will be very kind please help

offline kierznerdounee Senior The Brass Monkeys
Sunday 09/12/2007, 05:01

I will tell you if you give me a uncommon card or rare ill check my mail for it

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Sunday 09/12/2007, 11:58

Don't bother Kierznerdounee, you just need to talk with your guild members either by posting if in the forums or try sending them messages. Tell them the rules, the star limitation, how many fights and other stuffs.

offline OUC_Kenny Master  
Sunday 09/12/2007, 17:47

So u mean just say to ur guild members that theres going to be a tournament and just tell them the rules and tell them
tosmiley smiley
gosmiley smiley
tosmiley smiley
the guilds roosmileym

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Monday 10/12/2007, 13:53

Yes it is that simple.

offline OUC_Kenny Master  
Tuesday 11/12/2007, 02:10

Thanks o-jade

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