Thursday 24/01/2008, 19:12

Urban-Rivals World championship will start soon!
Eight countries will clash for the title: France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Morocco, the United-States, the United Kingdom and Canada!
Three modes of play will be proposed:
1. The Elo mode (with the rules which is essential on it)
2. Monoclan (only one clan without double or Leader)
3. Daily tournament mode (based on the total number of points and not on the number of victories)
The registration fees are of 3000 clints for each mode (thus 9000 for the three) the player represents one country, obviously. If it does not appear among the eights mentioned, you are free to choose which one you want to represent.
There will be two phases for this tournament: qualifications by country where four representatives will be selected for each mode (the same player can be selected in several categories). Thus, there will be a total of 32 participants in the finales of each mode.
And then individual and team phases
The of the tournament jackpots starts with 2,000,000 clintz, 3 Guru Cr, 10 others Collectors (CR) and the registration fees.
For the qualifications phase of the three modes, the distribution of the prizes will be done as follows:
The first of each mode: 50% of the registration fees, 50 000 clintz and 1 CR
The second of each mode: 30% of the registration fees and 1 CR
The third of each mode: 20% of the registration fees and 1 CR
The fourth of each mode: A place in the final and the chance to win a jackpot

Thursday 24/01/2008, 19:15

The prizes will be of course more important for the people representing their respective country in the second phase.
This post is ONLY for CANADIAN registrations, thus leave a message on this subject or in my PM if you wish to represent Canada for the World Championship.
Please clarify the modes you want to take part. (Elo, Monoclan or/and Daily tournament)
The Canadian qualifications will be done under my supervision, thus I manage the registration fees and the groups, but any gift and prizes other than the registration fees will be manage by DA-Bigbivi, the organizer of this tournament. Let us thanks him for his great generosity.

You have 7 days from now to register.

More rules on the exemple of StormWhisper will follow

Thursday 24/01/2008, 19:46

1) The overall format for all 3 formats is Single Elimination best 2 out of 3 matches.

2) Number of Pods and Rounds will depend on the number of registered players. The winners of each pod will go on to the next pod level with new opponents until there are only 4 left. The final 4 will battle in their pod to determine placing.

3) All Registrations must be sent in my private mail or on this subject, but since we Don’t want any flood it will be better to send me an ingame mail. Once you are registered I will send you a card which you will purchase from me for 3050 for each mode you enter. You will then return the card to me to be sold for 50 clintz. Failure to return the card to me will result in you being Disqualified but Don’t worry, you won’t be banned because the cards I will send will be cheap so I will be the only winner…
If you are DQed your entry fee will not be refunded.

4) The Top Four players from Canada from each format will move on to the finals.

5) The number of days to play your matches vs your opponent will be determine by the number of players. If you cannot play your matches for any reason you will contact me immediately. Failure to do so will DQ you from the tournament.

6) Failure to play your 3 Matches will DQ you and your opponent from the Tournament. (However, if your one of the two players is showing is presence or is motivation, he won’t be DQ and will move to the next round automatically)

Thursday 24/01/2008, 19:47

7) The Use of Multiple Accounts will DQ you from the tournament. (And earn you a blacklist and a banned alternate account)

8 )ELO Matches are to be played in the ELO Room. (Without randomness)
Monoclan Matches are to be played in the Danger Zone.
Daily Tournament Matches are to be played in the Danger Zone too. They do not have to be during the dailies. Each player must play two times against every opponent and send me the result (with combat points)

9) The Winner reports matches in the following format:

User ID:
Mode Played:

Opponent's User ID:

Score for Match 1:
Score for Match 2:
Score for Match 3: (if played and only for monoclan and Elo)
It’s very important to put the number of combats points for the daily tournament mode

10) For Monoclan: No Leader or double allowed, you can play any clan on any rounds and you can change clan between your match. (you can play Rescue in round 1,2, and Nightmare at third, your choicesmiley) If you Don’t follow the rules, your opponent will be given the victory for the match (only ONE match) so you can still beat him if it was a mistake.

11) Insulting your opponent, during the match, after the match, on the forums. Etc. Will get you DQed (and blacklisted). Use Abuse to report this and please specify that it was a tournament match. False Accusations will result in a blacklist.

(DQed = Disqualied. Ie you're permenantly out of the tournament, and your opponent automatically wins.)

Thursday 24/01/2008, 19:48

12) If you get a bye you will advance to the next round as if you had won your matches.

13) In the case of disputes, questions, etc. Don’t hesitate to send me a mial

All Requests in other langage than English or French will be promptly ignored and deleted.

15) Registration closes on: January 31th. Any results not posted will result in both players being DQed. All results should be sent in my PM or on the board.

16) Deck Construction Rules

Deck Construction Rules for Monoclan:
1) All decks MUST be Monoclan. Leaders are NOT allowed
2) You can use the same clan as many times as you want
3) You can switch clan between match

Deck Construction Rules for ELO:
All ELO rules must be followed. **Including Banned clans of the week.
You can switch deck between match

Deck Construction Rules for the Dailies:
You can switch deck between match
You must play with Type 1 decks

quote from stormwhisper:
These rules will only apply until the top 4 from each format. The rules will change then. Understand that all countries involved (there are . May not be playing by the same rules though they will have the same 3 formats and pod structure. I agrued for a universal rules set, but other countries were stubborn. So you're playing by my rules. The main changes are the Single Elimination Format I am imposting.

--Am I stubborn? You never wrote to me smiley --

Thursday 24/01/2008, 19:48

A Match is defined as the 1 of 3 games you will play against your opponent. If there is a clear winner at the end of 2 Matches the 3rd match will not be played.

DQ is defined as "Disqualified" ie, you're out of the tournament.


These rules are based on Stormwhisper post, but there are some differences. I suggest reading to avoid unnecessary disqualification.

Friday 25/01/2008, 04:53

I wish to represent Canada for the World Championship. smiley

Please clarify the modes you want to take part. (Elo, Monoclan or/and Daily tournament):

all of em smiley

Saturday 26/01/2008, 13:32

Deck Construction Rules for Monoclan:
2) You can use the same clan as many times as you want
in the oficial rules says that for monoclan you cant use the same clan until all clans exsausted. i confused can i play with the same deck containing GHEIST all th matches?

Saturday 26/01/2008, 19:07

The rules for Canada and UK/US are different

Saturday 26/01/2008, 19:30



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