Sunday 29/10/2006, 19:35

Instead of having tournaments based on who can rack points up the quickest, I suggest having tournaments be where the highest 10 fight scores be ranked. So if you fight 30 fights in a 90 minute period, the top 10 scores of those fights are added to determine your place. If a second person was unlucky and fought quitters and stallers, he may have 15 good fights. The top 10 of those would be added for the total. Only 1 fight per person to stop cheating. Will it work? I cant stand the current tournament structure. Its just too flawed, too much luck needed to find enough fights and too easy to cheat.

Sunday 29/10/2006, 21:13

THat sounds pretty cool for like a special tournament

Tuesday 31/10/2006, 12:08

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Wednesday 01/11/2006, 15:35


Thursday 02/11/2006, 18:53

Actually i'm not sure aobut how to change the tournament, but i think the current tournament criteria are pretty ohkey

Friday 03/11/2006, 02:05

You should read the big 48 post thread above you then.

Sunday 05/11/2006, 13:17

Great idea. It would take off the slow players problem

Sunday 05/11/2006, 16:26

This sounds like a good idea

Thursday 30/11/2006, 02:09

How to join to the tournament??

Thursday 30/11/2006, 14:20

But to be honest that will suck. why? only 2 kind of players will stand a chance:
1-EVO players --> just save cards to gain lvl during tornament . if u evo 2 cards each game u gain extra 10 points (not count the usual 20 from winning the game)
2-OLD players --> will get almost 30 each game

normal players will never win this tornaments, so although its a bad idea to make this kind of tornament regular, i would like to see that once a week, like a special event or something smiley


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