offline cheese_14 Imperator  
Tuesday 25/03/2008, 08:37

Before i start i would like to state i AM NOT a scammer, i have run 1 tourney and 1 lottery very successfully

the idea
-There are 50 tickets up for sale
-the entry fee is CARDS

the card breakdown
- send me a card worth 1k or less- 1 ticket
-send me a cards worth between 1k and 3k- 3 tickets
-send me a card worth between 3k and 5k- 4 tickets
-send me a card worth between 5.1k and 10k- 5 tickets
-send me a card worth between 10.1k-50k- 10 tickets
-send me a card worth OVER 50k- 20 tickets

The winner will recieve:
-All the cards that have been put into the lottery
-5k from me
-3 cards from my deck that are worth a lot

This competiton is for your gain and your gain only, i am making nothing out of it, have fun entering smiley

the random number generator i wil use to determine the winner is this-

the number that you will recieve will be the one corresponding to to the time you enter e.g. if your the first one to enter and youve sent me a 10k card you'll get the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 and so on till the numbers are all done, if there are tickets that go over the number 50 they will still be added

have fun entering smiley - cheese_14

offline pl91 Master URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 25/03/2008, 16:38

What if we send you a collectors?someone could send you 2 cards for 20 tickets i card for 10 tickets,take all his cards back,5k from you and 3 of your should set some limits.

offline soliuz Imperator  
Tuesday 25/03/2008, 16:42

Ugh thats kinda lame if a card raises or lowers in price u get it as curent? and u can only trade one card right?

offline soliuz Imperator  
Tuesday 25/03/2008, 17:20

Yea I DEMAND LIMits some of this is kinda BS ill join but set some limits!

offline Vanter Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 25/03/2008, 19:19

Also, while it's a nice idea to limit the number of tickets and to improve the chances of winning with a larger ante, but what would stop me and two other friends from purchasing all 50 tickets? You would be out 5k and 3 'worthy' cards. Just trying to point out some problems that you might have with this.

offline Vanter Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 25/03/2008, 19:48

LOL...pl91 beat me to the punch.

offline elfayra Veteran  
Tuesday 25/03/2008, 19:58

So true, make the max like 100 and everyone can only get like 5 or something. Way better that way I think.

offline Elementz Novice  
Tuesday 25/03/2008, 21:36

Yeah right u are a scammer a pretty lame scammer as well cause that is the worst scam i have ever heard smiley

offline BigmommaV Master  
Tuesday 25/03/2008, 21:49

To be on the safe side, could the moderators pick the number?

offline soliuz Imperator  
Tuesday 25/03/2008, 22:49

Yea kinda lame you could ask ur friends to buy like 40 tickets and someone buy 10

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