Monday 12/02/2007, 17:30

Here are the last four: Kv Raven vs o-jp , jericho vs Ravnica.... who's gonna be the champion??

Friday 16/02/2007, 22:16

Well... i was almost sure that Raven could beat everibody... well done... now for the pricemoney : Raven send me a card for 10000, jericho, send me a card for 6000, and ojp and ravnica send me a card for 3000, i'll send them back for 50,... i'm happy for this first tournament but... there was not so much enthousiasm ... i hope next time it will be better.. so i'll probably put a collector... so let me know if you guys are interested...

Friday 16/02/2007, 22:24

smiley... hmmm.. a colector.... sounds good smiley, i'm in

Friday 16/02/2007, 22:28

Interested, haha! smiley
send me a card for 3000, i'll send them back for 50
how does this work? smiley

Saturday 17/02/2007, 02:06

Me too, interested.

Saturday 17/02/2007, 05:51

Yeah how does this work?smiley I 'm guessing we send the card for 50 and you send back for 6000? LOL Thanks again, and wished my draws are better next time. Hehe

Well woke up with a headache.smileysmiley Anyway, I would like to wish to all the Chinese players here and anyone else celebrating, a Happy Lunar New Year!!!!!

Saturday 17/02/2007, 08:40

Same here, damn, had to play Raven at 3 am, and i had work the next day.. aww!
Anyways, Thanks 1f-Angelo1961 for a great Torunament.

Saturday 17/02/2007, 09:09

Guys, you sell a card to Angelo for X000 clintz in order to get the X000 you won in the tournament, than Angelo gives you back the card for 50 clintz, i guess it's really not complicated. smiley

Saturday 17/02/2007, 12:50

Damn great tournament Angelo maybe ill have more luck in my draws and randomness in danger room next time thanks again you really started something great in the English forum as for the podium winners...never doubted it for a second smileywaaaaaaa

gg guys now share that damn prize money with me smileysmileylol

oh and to the patchsmiley its sad i know

Saturday 17/02/2007, 15:27

Raven, I told you I'm still having that damn headache. LOL Thanks for explaining again what Angelo has explained.smiley

Saturday 17/02/2007, 16:32

If losing a match in this computer game makes you have a headache for a whole day I think you should get some fresh air smiley, and after all you played ok, you just had some bad luck with the draws.

I was explaining again what Angelo said because some players seem to not have understood.... no need to be sarcastic.


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