offline Pipboy Novice  
Tuesday 27/06/2006, 20:16

What do you think of create an international tournament ? =) it could be fun !!! if i see some people are interested, maybe i will organise that =)

offline Terashi Senior  
Wednesday 28/06/2006, 18:03

Hell, yeah! That's the plan, right there. Only problem? French outnumber us 10:1, easy. ^-^;;

offline Pipboy Novice  
Thursday 29/06/2006, 00:52

Eheh =) sure ! but if i organize that, it will be fair : english players = french players, no more =)

offline tremmas Veteran  
Thursday 29/06/2006, 08:18

I'd be keen, but only if it was at a time when im actually awake...aussie timezones are way out of whack with normal tournament times.

offline Gorukha Senior  
Thursday 29/06/2006, 14:21

Well I naturally assumed auzzies would be banned from the tournament. 0_-

offline Achilleos Senior Immortal Knights
Sunday 02/07/2006, 01:53

Sound's like fun...count me in.....go English

offline 2cool Master --[*Urban dudez*]--
Monday 03/07/2006, 13:49

Hey thts sounds fun well count me in............come on english

offline bobmarley627 Senior  
Monday 03/07/2006, 15:56

Yer ill join in.cmon u english

offline darkfighter103 Senior  
Wednesday 05/07/2006, 12:40

Ill jion the english team

offline shane238 Senior  
Tuesday 11/07/2006, 15:45

Count me in

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