Sunday 29/10/2006, 19:35

Instead of having tournaments based on who can rack points up the quickest, I suggest having tournaments be where the highest 10 fight scores be ranked. So if you fight 30 fights in a 90 minute period, the top 10 scores of those fights are added to determine your place. If a second person was unlucky and fought quitters and stallers, he may have 15 good fights. The top 10 of those would be added for the total. Only 1 fight per person to stop cheating. Will it work? I cant stand the current tournament structure. Its just too flawed, too much luck needed to find enough fights and too easy to cheat.

Friday 08/12/2006, 21:08

They should go to tree structure with semi finalist and finalist. This would have to be a weekly tournamnet.

Friday 15/12/2006, 06:02


Friday 15/12/2006, 06:03

How to join to the tournament smiley

Friday 15/12/2006, 06:05


Wednesday 07/02/2007, 14:40

This idea is not good. But I too prefere to have tournament in which win good players and not fast players.
What about geting first 15 duels? The rest duels will not be counted.

Wednesday 07/02/2007, 15:13

Or what about "fast death" tournament? Players who want play register on tournament. Computer randomply select your opponent. Player who lost is out of tournament. Player who win gains another randomly selected player. Finally there will be only one winner.

Wednesday 07/02/2007, 20:48

That sounds great!

Sunday 11/02/2007, 17:13

Thats hard to implement CBp_FojtikEVO.

There are just cheaters in the game. Tsk..smiley

Monday 12/02/2007, 02:46

I think that the current tournament structure is fine but the bonus points you get for lvling a card should be removed during tournaments. Im tired of these "evo" players, they make around 500-600 BP each tourney and its impossible to keep up with them. I managed to win a tourney some time ago but with a normal deck and with only 400 BP...
And about the "old" players, its fine as long as they dont abuse of the system. Players abusing old format should be banned.
The evo bonus is just for the benefit of those how already have all the cards available, they use cards about to lvl up in order to get more points as fast as possible. They keep getting richer and stronger while new players or players like me that like to use a normal deck Don´t stand a chance on winning a daily tournament.
At least we have ELO, I finished 1st this week xD but no CR card for me =(

Monday 12/02/2007, 11:53

0-SUPREMO-EVO: I'm programmer. I understant it is hard to implement it. But it is not answer for me. It is not impossible to implement it smiley And I thing it would be more fun. And more rightful.


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