Thursday 20/03/2008, 18:32

I am holding a big tournament. I need no more and no less than 16 people.

Cost: 850 clintz (I will sell you a card for 1000 because I am going to buy a card worth 150)

Deck: The deck can have 30 stars at most. There will be no ELO banned cards that can be used in this tourney. Please send your decks to me in a private message.

Rules: Once you begin a battle with your opponent, I want you to record the FINAL RESULT, THE CARDS YOU USED, AND THE CARDS YOUR OPPONENT IS USING. (These things will be used to make sure your opponent isn't cheating.) Private message me this. Example: From: Elite Monkey:I lost 5 to 1.I used Morphun, Elixir, Jane Ramba, and Tanner. My opponent used Edd, Mona, Don, and Bridget. In conclusion, I lost. (End of Example) If I don't recieve one from you, YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!! This will be required after every battle you have.

Morphun (MAXED)
Kiki (MAXED)
Vladimir (MAXED)
The overall winner will choose his card. Second place chooses his. Third Place takes the card that is left.

P.S. Remeber only 16 will be able to play. Better apply soon. smiley Ask if you have questions here. Please put your message to sign up here not in my mailbox.

Hope everyone has fun!

Thursday 20/03/2008, 19:01

30 ...too many

Thursday 20/03/2008, 19:38

I'm IN , in what camera wee play ???

Thursday 20/03/2008, 20:15

Gl and if 16 people join ur gona make some mad cash : )

Thursday 20/03/2008, 20:44

Nvm ignore the last comment gl

Thursday 20/03/2008, 22:09

We will be playing in No Random room

Thursday 20/03/2008, 22:17

I'll join but i have some questions

Thursday 20/03/2008, 22:26

Ask me your Questions

So far:
The Hope

Thursday 20/03/2008, 22:46

I will send the cards once everyone has joined.

Thursday 20/03/2008, 22:57

1.Where are these tournaments held?
2.How are they played?
3.When would they end and how are they scored up?
just basically everything i need to know.never played in anything like this before.


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