offline 0-FS WMD Veteran  
Monday 04/06/2007, 03:38

I will attempt my first tournament. (Thanks to Jericho for the assistance.)

20 people allowed. No Entry Fee (winners will require 50 clintz to accept their cards and must be able to accept cards or it will default to the next player)

Will be 2 out of 3 games per match.

If we don't have 20 people by Thursday then we will use what we have. I will pair players and PM both players to let them know whom they are playing.

Limits: 25 stars, 1x 5 star card.

When signing up please send me your deck list so I can check validity. If there are any changes before the tournament starts (Friday morning EST 8am) please let me know. Players can PM each other to set up the best time for them to start a match and I recommend temporarily adding them to friends list. I will leave it to the players to play in whatever room they wish but I prefer you play in the Danger zone so no luck is involved and it is all skill. If there is an indecisiveness on the room then the room defaults to the Danger zone (unless a player can not enter that room in which it will default to a room that player can play in)

Tournament will end 1 week from the Friday it starts at 0800 EST. It will be in a bracket format.


This is the part that you guys are waiting for I am sure.

1st Prize gets choice followed by 2nd-4th (THATS RIGHT 4 PRIZES!)

Marlysa CR, Charlie, Miss Ming and Lamar. (I will offer optional prizes as well)

If I left anything off please let me know and I will fix it ASAP

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Tuesday 05/06/2007, 20:06

Translator doesnt work for english to french or even french to english...meanings,clauses maybe affected...i tried it already,why not contact anyone who is in french forum to speak english with you,btw most of the elo players speak englishsmiley
What is it you want to translate?im happy to ask some of my friends if you likesmiley

offline AOD Teh0n3 Master Army of Darkness
Tuesday 05/06/2007, 20:34

I'm in

offline Vesuvan Legend  
Wednesday 06/06/2007, 03:05

My guild mate 0 markonancy is in tourny and french as well he can be asked to translate as well , hes good guy, very friendly, very knowledgealbe smiley

offline 0-FS WMD Veteran  
Wednesday 06/06/2007, 08:52

I got someone that can translate for me if I need it. smiley someone sent me something in french and I was lost until I said Je ne parle francais smiley then they posted in english for me.

offline 0-FS WMD Veteran  
Wednesday 06/06/2007, 09:58

Waiting on 2 more people to give me their decks. If they get them too me then we will be starting ASAP.

offline AOD Teh0n3 Master Army of Darkness
Wednesday 06/06/2007, 16:50

I'm in

offline 0-FS WMD Veteran  
Wednesday 06/06/2007, 21:19

Tournament will start a whole day early smiley will start wmorrow at 0800 EST. I will post the bracket.

offline 0-FS WMD Veteran  
Wednesday 06/06/2007, 21:20

Oh btw in case you guys did not know tis single match elimination. 2 out of 3 games makes 1 match. If you lose that match you are out of tournament.

offline ravvel Hero  
Wednesday 06/06/2007, 21:50

Well... it doesn't sound exactly fun this kind of knockout tournaments, especially with such a low number of games required to win a match... with 2 unlucky draws anybody can be out of the tournament in no time.

anyway, the organizer makes the rules, so good games to you all... smiley

offline 0-FS WMD Veteran  
Thursday 07/06/2007, 00:56

I am used to playing magic and yugioh and everythign. Since I can't set up mantis to run this tournament I am doing it an easy way for now. When I figure out how to make mantis work with this smiley I will set it up that way.

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