offline Yippers Master  
Thursday 15/07/2010, 03:41

A summary of my profile: just over 260 official fights, level 17, haven't really explored outside the limited rooms (10-15, 15-20), and most comfortable with the Sentinel. I've browsed a bit on the forums about various 25* deck combinations, the ELO environment, and strategy in general. Got really excited when I unlocked the ELO rooms, then realized that I'm probably in over my head.

Some ideas that I've been directed to:
- ELO is highly competitive and change often and dramatically based on weekly bans and the power cards that they traditionally neutralize.
- There's an emphasize on SoA and SoB, ranging from always expecting an opponent to draw one to expecting a majority of the decks you'll face to be full with them -- and thus, an emphasis on stable cards (not too reliant on bonuses/abilities).
- Often nerfed clans includes Rescue and Sentinel. Coincidentally, popular clans include Piranhas and Roots.
- People with tens of thousands of games under their belt still fail at this mode.
- Focus on having selective, powerful cards in each clan -- all pretty expensive.
- Requires lots of knowledge about cards.

Questions raised:
1. Why are Sentinel worse than Junkz?
2. Possible combinations -- Sentinels with All Stars/Piranhas/Roots/Sakrohm/Skeelz? If so, what cards?
3. Too poor (~30k worth of clintz/cards, mostly invested into Sentinel but can sell) to attempt this stage?
4. Too inexperienced to attempt this stage?
5. Other advice?

Thanks so much for the help! smiley smiley

offline Un67 Imperator  
Thursday 15/07/2010, 03:57

1. Sentinel is worse than Junkz because their most stable 5* is perma banned (Hawk), their second best is very often player banned and trashed by SOA (Copper), and the rest are really mediocre at best. They have an amazing 2* (Lehane), and some very decent cards of all levels, but it's really not that special. On the other hand, Junkz has the most solid 1 pill card in the game (Rowdy), an amazing 2* pillz manipulator (Gil), and two other decent manipulators (Tremorh and Taham). The other cards are decent, but the biggest draw is being able to make a good half deck for any elo week.

2. You might find All Stars decent to play with, as they can take down most other cards with their bonus. Striker and Marina are great, but they are often banned and there are some other cards that are also good but more reasonably prices. Consider Robb, Randy, Oyoh, and Jessie.

3. 30k is plenty, only this week I started playing with a deck that much. I have a 10k deck that easily brings me to 1200 elo each week.

4. Not really, you build experience in elo by playing in elo. (Captain Obvious to the rescue!) No other game mode is really like it. It's definitely a challenge and it's very fun (and also mind tearingly hard or boring at times).

5. Watch the meta game. If Copper is unbanned and Shakra and Toro are banned, for example, you will be able to get your ability through unfettered because those clans will be used less. If there were unbanned however, you would want to avoid using him.

I hopesmiley

offline Zhudac Master  
Thursday 15/07/2010, 04:01

Sentinel and Rescue are rarely crippled in comparison to clans like Nightmare, All Stars, GHEIST, and Skeelz (which, along with Roots, are the most dominant forces in ELO). Anyway,

1. Sentinel have ELO-poor cards apart from Copper and Lehane, with the rest at best mediocre and extremely vulnerable to SoA. Junkz, however, have a variety of cards that are very powerful in comparison to the Sentinel staples and can hold their own against almost every clan as they are extremely versatile.

2. Sentinel are usually, from what I've seen, used dominantly in mono-decks due to the support:cards they have. However, a combination of Sentinel + any clan will work; just remember that the 2 indespensable cards that every Sentinel deck should have are Lehane and Copper (with usually Melvin, Dayton, Tobbie, etc. in the other spots) If you have a combination in mind, I'd be happy to come up with a decent deck for you.

3. Depends on which clans you have... and 30k is enough. I started at level 15 with less than 15k or so of cards, and still managed 1300e+. I'd recommend Roots among the clans you listed above if your budget is limited, though; very cheap let very, very powerful clan.

4. Again, I don't think so. The #1 ELO person right now isn't even level 17 yet. You're experienced enough to try, at least smiley

offline Yippers Master  
Thursday 15/07/2010, 05:22

First, thanks again for the detail responses! They added bunches to my perspective. smiley

@Un67, #5 -- not recognizing most of the aforementioned popular cards, not knowing common combinations/usages of each of those cards, and other things that come with inexperience really hurts smiley

@Zhudac, #2 -- mono-decks, especially with Sentinel, seem overly reliant on one or two strategy choices which are very familiar with everybody else too. A lot of predictability, a lot of weakness. Mono-Sentinel is definitely the most common type I've read about, but I would really like to expand outside of that if possible.


My playstyle thus far is focused on bluffing and bluff-calling, using the +8 bonus to get me a nice enough pillz advantage enough to finish. I really like the idea of pillz manipulation, directly or indirectly (bluffing), and a focus on the first two rounds (after then, remaining amounts of pillz decide obvious winner). Sentinel cards that I really dig include Lehane, Tobbie, and Copper. Perhaps Dayton, Skiner, and Melvin too -- but they're more oriented to filling what the other clan can't provide.

Hugo is quite associated with Junkz, boosting their bonus attack above any -attack/SoB clans and giving a huge bonus to bluffing/pillz usage/etc. Could the same concept not be used for Sentinel?

Would adding Junkz to Sentinel be too uncanny?

offline M-Bison Titan Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 15/07/2010, 13:54

Well Yippers im gonna be honest now, i only looked a the last line of what you wrote 'Would adding Junkz to Sentinel be too uncanny' but to answer that question i'd go with either mono sentinel unless you could afford the CRs because without the CRs they dont have an 'Amazing' Half deck, but Junkz do go well with piranas or anything to be honest, you could even go with Junkz and hugo in elo.

Either way just use a clan you like, no point using piranas if you dont like them.

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