offline Gryazzie Titan  
Thursday 13/03/2008, 11:34

Date..still dunno yet.....but this tourney will be held in place whr theres NOOOO random

To make this tourney more challenging.....These are the rules
rule #1:Must be at least 3 clans....2 ea clans minimum
rule #2:your deck card must be 6 power and below
rule #3:No hugo...only..other leaders are available..
rule #4:NOOOOOOOO Allstars,rescue,uppers,sakohrm,junkz and sentinels......
rule #5:Send me the decks pls :3 (not really a rule)
rule #6: PLSSS JOIN :3 ( " )
rule #7:............................................................obey rule 1-4....and pLEASE obey rule 5-6
rule #8:obey rule 7

Entrance fee are 500-(anything above 501)
1st place winner will get
2cd place winner will get
15% OF IT!!! ( yea..15 only)
3rd place will get...
5 % only

TO ENTERsmileyM ME UR DECK! sell me a card like kolos 550 (yes 550...the other 50 r refunds so it will be 500)...than play..and hope you win smiley

need at least 6+ ppl to play

oh..and this is a round robin cup ( dunno wat it from GZ)
Win -3 pts Draw -1 pts lose - 0pts

oh well..Good luck
and pls join

offline ReverseRaven Hero  
Thursday 13/03/2008, 12:50

Round Robin is kinda like the one I held before. The merm cup... Upperclass only XD

And OH... You realize if we sell you a card for 550, you'll be paying us, right?

offline Varathron Imperator ELITE NATION
Thursday 13/03/2008, 15:39

You realize to enter noone is gunna sell you a kolos and yea the scathed is right you will be paying us hmm i think no i wont enter

offline geofree789 Imperator  
Thursday 13/03/2008, 16:01

Um yea for 1 u r paying us and 2 u want us to send u a card like kolos that is worth at least 10k and even if we did win we wouldnt get enough money to even buy back our own kolos idk i think there is something wrong with this tourney smiley

offline johnnysay Imperator HK's fox on typewriters
Thursday 13/03/2008, 18:45

I'm sure he was being sarcastic bout the kolos part, n he messed up on the send me,,, for 550,,,, but regardless, good luck in ur tourny OH boy

offline Ninja-zero Legend  
Thursday 13/03/2008, 19:09

Hmm...seems scam-like

offline soliuz Imperator  
Thursday 13/03/2008, 22:08

Ughh i might join but u lack rules

offline Gryazzie Titan  
Friday 14/03/2008, 01:56

No its like this

500 prize entrance fee

u sell me for 550...(KOLOS) I sell u back for 50 (KOLOS) = 550 - 50 = 500

offline elfayra Veteran  
Friday 14/03/2008, 04:12

1. why would anyone sell u a kolos for it.
2. Why don't u just sell the card to someone for 500+its value..that's be faster and easier (there's the 5% but i mean common, its not that much at all. 5% of 500 is only 25 clintz.
3. You need more rules.

offline Capn Clintz Imperator  
Friday 14/03/2008, 04:22

1) Kolos was a example
2) You do need to set rules, like Rule5-you do need to make them send you their decks.
3)You got the payout thing backwards. You send them a card they buy and send it back. Not they send you buy.

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