Sunday 30/03/2008, 17:40

Who's is hosting tournaments and im not talking about the daily tournaments do other normal people like me host tournaments????

Sunday 30/03/2008, 18:47

You can i guess?

Sunday 30/03/2008, 19:52

Yes you can host tournaments!
I am currently holding 2 tournaments, one for guilds only and the other for normal people, but that one is already full.

Saturday 05/04/2008, 11:57

Yer you can Im hosting 1

Sunday 06/04/2008, 06:55

Yeah can....I'm holding one it's called : "---===NO PILZ TURNAMENT==---"'s easy...just follow up the rules , or make your own rules and post them, give some prizes...and so on...if you need more info contact me

Thursday 17/04/2008, 11:06

Im also holding 1 itz called all clan tourney! all u gotta do iz follow da rulez or make up ur own 4 ur own tourney or raffle or sumtin like datsmiley


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