offline AC_Swancino Veteran  
Monday 07/04/2008, 07:08

Im holdin a tournament like the title says its just 4 fun u send me ur decks if i get atleast 8-12 ppl we can go ahead the fee is 0 clints there r no prizes its all for fun ull gain about 250 clintz and abot400-500 battle points pm if u wont to join

offline OC-Anthony H- Titan Open Casket
Monday 07/04/2008, 13:58

Uhmm, any rules like Deck limit, style of play and banned cards or clans?smiley

offline AC_Swancino Veteran  
Thursday 10/04/2008, 06:32

Ok theres no Alec deck limit is 35 stars and the forbidden clan is uppers battles will take place in any of the rooms

a loss is 1 pt
a draw is 2 pts
a win is 3 pts

offline AC_Swancino Veteran  
Thursday 10/04/2008, 08:11


offline RANDOM123256 Senior The Twisted Shadows
Friday 11/04/2008, 22:02

Well theres no prezies

offline AC_Swancino Veteran  
Friday 11/04/2008, 22:47

Yea i cant sell cards

because the entry fee is nothing there will be no prizes

offline Nintendan WMD Imperator  
Friday 11/04/2008, 23:19

Ok here I go there are no prizes deck star count is way to high I could have a deck of 6 5* cards and a 2 and 3* card

banning uppers is not a good move if you allow rescue
for rescue clan is far stronger if played right and back to the stat count a rescue deck with a 35* count is close to godly

offline Capn Clintz Imperator  
Saturday 12/04/2008, 00:44

I'll put up the prizes.
third- Murphy.

Yes I know I put a good prize for first and third. Just sell Guild Master a card for 50clintz that is in the 100-200price range. If you want I will send the cards to a admin, moderator, or put in a public preset so you know I'll sell the cards, but really I haven't done anything to not be trustworthy but what ever.smiley Just say what you want done. Lol I don't even know Guild Master just people want prizes in this thing.smiley

offline DMOC Imperator  
Saturday 12/04/2008, 02:00

I will take a crack at it

offline UP_LilKiller Veteran The Unseen Prodigies
Saturday 12/04/2008, 04:27

Why not ill kick some butt
I'm in

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