Monday 14/04/2008, 21:08

This raffle will go until the end of April.

1st Prize: Cassio Cr
2nd Prize: Oyoh and Loma Noju

the cost per ticket is 950 clintz. just send me a bad card for 50 clintz and I will send it back for 1k.

Tuesday 15/04/2008, 05:12

Thats too much noon will join bring it down to 500 550 for people who cant sell cards

Tuesday 15/04/2008, 08:33

If only 1 person joins are you gonna back out and not run the raffle?

Tuesday 15/04/2008, 16:04

1) no minimum amount of people who have to join, to start
2) no maximum amount of tickets you can buy
3) the price of the raffle is kind of to expensive for the prizes.
4) no maximum amount of people that can play

Tuesday 15/04/2008, 20:34



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