Thursday 17/04/2008, 11:01

Just like robareids but mine iz a bit more fairsmiley
16 clans so u choose 1 clan and send me ur deks wen ur redy smiley
50* maximum In cards but u can have as many cards as u want.
In this tourney u can have 1 other card that u wood like 4 a filler
Only lvl 10+ r allowed 2 join so plz if u want 2 b in a free tourney and have fun join this 1smiley
a win iz 3 points a draw is 2 points and a loss is 1 point.
And the only u cant use iz Nightmare bcuz im using itsmiley

Happy Gaming


Thursday 17/04/2008, 13:32

What 50*

Thursday 17/04/2008, 13:34

I'm wondering how if yours a "Bit more fair"? Is it because you have a Fifty star limit?

Thursday 17/04/2008, 14:10

Whats the prize?

Thursday 17/04/2008, 21:00

No bcuz every1 can join and i think there iznt gonna b a star limit so any amount of stars

Thursday 17/04/2008, 21:51

Lol, Robareid's tournament is letting everyone join also, you haven't stated hows your tournament is "a bit more fair".

Friday 18/04/2008, 04:00

Im in

Friday 18/04/2008, 06:53

Mine is better cos on this some clans will rule cos they have loads of 5*

Friday 18/04/2008, 07:22

This tourney is XXXX cuz is don't have prizesmiley

Friday 18/04/2008, 22:34

All lvls can join in the 1 tournament not 2 different 1's


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