Monday 19/02/2007, 06:17

New tournament: 14 play 1 match against your opponent a win gives you 3 points a draw gives you 1 and a loss gives you 0

Everybody will play everybody so a loss doesn't mean you out...the top 8 scores will go to the quarter finals.
its a 1000 clints to enter.

1st place = 7000 clintz
2nd place = 4000
3rd place = 3000

the prize money may become more im still looking for investors...

gg always.:thumbsup:

Monday 19/02/2007, 07:28

I'm interested, what's the deck limitations? Is there a Theme, a Template deck?
GGs! :pirate:

Monday 19/02/2007, 07:34

That sounds great, u can count me in!

Just let me know when en where!

Monday 19/02/2007, 07:41

Ill play and make it up to 7500 for the winner
4500 for 2nd
3500 for 3rd

Monday 19/02/2007, 07:54

Sorry i found out im broke i cant put any money

Monday 19/02/2007, 08:06

Details on how ? Please? interested.:evil:

Monday 19/02/2007, 08:17

Hi dead finga can i play who am i playin

Monday 19/02/2007, 08:18

Its a 25 star deck no CR's no doubles :kawaii: i think 28 is way to powerful for some peoples deck building skills lol

heres the twist Ulu Watu is not alowed

gg always:thumbsup: this is going to be interesting

dont forget its 1000 clints to enter :thumbsup:

Monday 19/02/2007, 10:20

I'm in :)

Monday 19/02/2007, 10:49

Yap, im in, so how do we pay (after the players are complete):dork:


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