offline demonfox Senior  
Wednesday 15/08/2007, 05:56

Hi i want to have a tournament !!smileylzzzsmileysmiley

offline -TicTacToes- Novice  
Tuesday 25/09/2007, 12:55

Lol er du gode eller hva??smileysmiley lol hi...plzzz

offline Brusque Hero  
Tuesday 25/09/2007, 23:45

Ill join

offline Symbolic Hero  
Wednesday 26/09/2007, 00:32

Well you can never have too many tournaments going on, why not check some of the other tournament posts in this section and use them as a guide line to set up your tournamet. Or if you are just looking to enter a tournament once again all you have to do is check some ones posts, I'm sure there are a few tournaments who need a few more members.

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