offline GP Yaho Master Vietnamese
Monday 05/07/2010, 05:48

Know i know this deck is expensive and high matenience but its a genius idea for elo
lv1 wanda
lv 1 gwen
lv3 yayoi
lv 4 charlie
and methane
im not sure if anyone made this deck yet but the idea is pretty simple to bluff and for ur oppenent to overpill then nuke em

offline Z4KALW3 Hero  
Monday 05/07/2010, 16:26

I wouldn't call it genius, it's a little /too/ imba for that accolade. Could be fun to play with, though.

offline Growing WMD Titan  
Monday 05/07/2010, 20:26

Something similar has been made and has helped a friend of mines get first in ELO. Even though he only used it after reaching the top 100.

offline TheDarkOrc10 Hero Dark Order of Assassins
Monday 05/07/2010, 23:23

Clara for charlie lol, some one needs to adovocate sob cards as people seem to prefer soa i aint sure why! 8 Power is better than 7.

offline El Kabong Novice Pinoy Locals
Tuesday 06/07/2010, 02:21

I would rather run a 4-star yayoi and Muze at the 3-slot than the classic 3-yayoi 4-charlie. If you draw Mono-cats, it's much easier to mind-freak your opponent when you have Muze especially when no SOAs are present.

And maybe Anibal for Methane, but that's just me.

offline GP Yaho Master Vietnamese
Tuesday 06/07/2010, 06:39

First anibal sucks when ur trapped in a tight situation
muze isnt THAT scary and @the darkorc if u havent noticed its 4 star charlie not 5 star so how would i fit clara in?

offline TnT_Mathwiz Imperator  
Tuesday 06/07/2010, 09:52

The deck Um Yaho is referring to is The Fame † Monster. smiley

offline TheDarkOrc10 Hero Dark Order of Assassins
Tuesday 06/07/2010, 12:46

Sorry thats cool I actually think charlie is better at 4 stars, I would use her and clara in a mono deck! I thought it was yet another 5 star charlie deck, people beat up on charlie but she waltz through most montanas and can be used as a suprise dr against the prianhas.

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