offline calvin_0 Guru  
Monday 09/08/2010, 13:10

This is the deck that i use.

lv.5 Avola
lv.4 Edd
lv.3 Mona
lv.3 Sharon
lv.3 Ottavia
lv.3 Oscar
lv.2 Filomena
lv.2 Prince Jr

Since this week both Edd and Mona got ban (for some reason), my deck cant play... so how should i fix my deck? what should i replace Edd and Mona with? I'm thinking about Fabio and Ficcanaso, or maybe Donnie and Milovan.

any advice are welcome.

offline El Kabong Novice Pinoy Locals
Monday 09/08/2010, 18:43

Maybe a 5-2 split would work better. Enzo or Don are worthwhile. You need the high-damage card in mono-montana.

offline UmExcuseMe Imperator  
Monday 09/08/2010, 19:01

With the relative weakness of SOA clans, there seem to be quite a few decks with strong abilities running around (Jungo, La Junta, Freaks, etc). Alternatively, extra damage never hurts for Montana. I suggest one of Vito/Donnie and one of Simon/Milovan (yes, Simon, he's much more useful these days).

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