offline Force Majeure Titan Open Casket
Tuesday 02/10/2007, 18:32

Player ID 857511 is a level 7 player with total battle points of 488 with a total of 28 fights including 26 wins..he has no guild and is a member since yesterday..he just placed Top2 in the last tourney with a total pf 451 battle points and he won 10319 clintz + 1 credit..which means..he started the tourney with just 37 battle points..I think no one here can have good evolved cards that can help you reach Top2 with just a 37 battle point history unless you broke Rule the way..I always watch daily tournament records whenever I can to see who is on top and I saw that he had at least started the tourney with just 5 fights..yes..5..which strengthens my be the judge..

Rule 1 states that selling yourself (or your friends) a deck to go play in the 1-11 rooms WILL get your score reduced to 0 in the dailys. (This will also get the account you sold the cards to banned and the cards WILL NOT be returned).

I hope that the authorities would do something about this matter and a proper sanction would be implemented against this player if proven guilty to ensure fair play among us..

offline Collector_HM Guru Pit Viper
Tuesday 02/10/2007, 19:32

Well just remember you where that level once, when u win your battle points that you win are MUCH GREATER to what you win now (level diff) and plus when that person evovles his cards we will problt get maybe 28-35 BP during the tourni. so its just about that, and if u notice most players that are low leveled are in the top 50 somewher. its just how it is i guess.

offline Mikuljonac Senior  
Tuesday 02/10/2007, 19:34

Do you know the name of player?

offline Collector_HM Guru Pit Viper
Tuesday 02/10/2007, 19:57

I do but dont post out peoples names cuz what i said is true look at most of the pages, or even look at that 1 see how many people wit a little cards or started today, yesturday or this week

offline Drain WMD Guru  
Tuesday 02/10/2007, 20:54

0 dalmz_xxx <_< thats his name i noticed it too.

offline Force Majeure Titan Open Casket
Tuesday 02/10/2007, 23:21

Please take this in consideration..when you click "Play Now" you will see at the bottom of the page symbols for ELO, Tourney, Randomness, and Training, and according to the one with a Trophy in it: Take note that in this room, during all daily tournaments, the number of bonus points awarded for a character levelling up will be limited to 0 pts, KO bonus are also limited to 2 pts. Finally, everybody must be visible during a tournament.

It was not like in the old days that you get high battle points when you get a card to level up..they modified it some time ago..

offline buchac3000 Hero  
Wednesday 03/10/2007, 19:19

"It was not like in the old days that you get high battle points when you get a card to level up..they modified it some time ago.."

i am playing only month or two, but u are saying it was like this ? so only thing u needed 8 cards prepared with 90per lvl and u could have many points from lvl ups ? =) it was quite unfair lol =) hh i am happy that it is now like it is =)

offline blaster911 Veteran  
Thursday 04/10/2007, 00:10

He's like a cheater and probably has more than one account.

offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Friday 05/10/2007, 15:37

Pierce, he's saying, athat before they nerfed EVO during a tournament, people would get full points for that card leveling.
just like before they nerfed the KO bonus, people would be getting an extra 30 points per battle just from not using any pillz for a KO.
so, if you had all level 4 cards nearly level 5, each one would give their points when they level, which is 40 now, i don't know what it was then...
so back in the day... you'd see people with Battle points... Over Nine Thousand!!!...

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