offline Tapnir Senior  
Thursday 18/10/2007, 02:20

If the tourney requires lvls 1-11 and im lvl 11... then i level to 12 will i still be in the tourney??

offline Gus Lee Imperator  
Thursday 18/10/2007, 05:20

Lvls 1-11 its for the room if you level upyou can enter this room again after left room

offline Force Majeure Titan Open Casket
Thursday 18/10/2007, 05:45

Yes you will still be in the tourney

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Thursday 18/10/2007, 09:27

Yup, you will still be a part of the tourni but the next time you play, you can only enter the designated room for you, GG's! smiley
There used to be a glitch in the system where if you save the Fight page in your Favorites you can re-enter the "Nooby Safe room" even if you have passed the level requirement, I tried it out for a while back then, wakoko! smiley
But it has been fixed now so that once you leave, you can only enter the right room. smiley

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