Quick Question.

Wednesday 23/01/2008, 07:34

I've had this happen a few times now. When in a tournament a higher level will challenge me. It will get down to the wire and I'll pull off a win to get +1 clintz /+1 point for the fight.

Just a question.. Anyone know why that is?

Wednesday 23/01/2008, 11:12

No sorrysmileysmiley

Wednesday 23/01/2008, 11:22

Hi smiley

Wednesday 23/01/2008, 11:35

Are you sure you are not playing in the Lost Warehouse? Or if you are playing in a tournament room you may have faced that player more than twice in one hour.

Thursday 24/01/2008, 10:15

I'll have to keep an eye out if it was the same player. When in tourny I just attack and accept at random to rack up as many points as possible, lol.

Thursday 24/01/2008, 13:15

Or maybe is on your black list.

Wednesday 30/01/2008, 20:55

I think u've been playin in lost warehousesmiley


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