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Tournament Rules:

1) The overall format for all 3 formats is Single Elimination best 2 out of 3 matches. You will be paired randomly into pods of 8. The final

2) Number of Pods and Rounds will depend on the number of registered players. All players will be seperated into Pods of 8 players randomly. The winners of each pod will go on to the next pod level with new opponents until there are only 4 left. The final 4 will battle in their pod to determine placing. Every Pod will consist of 3 rounds.

3) All Resgistration Emails must be sent to because my ingame mailbox will fill up otherwise.
They must look like this:

Starting Clan:
Formats(s) of play:

Any registrations sent to my ingame Mailbox will be promptly deleted and ignored. Once you are registered I will send you a card which you will purchase from me for 3050. You will then return the card to me to be sold for 50 clintz. Failure to return the card to me will result in you being DQed and Banned and then I'll take my card back anyway. If you try to sell the card back for more than 50 Clintz, I will refuse and then blacklist and DQ you.

If you are DQed your entry fee will not be refunded.

4) The Top Four players from the two countries I am handling (Us, UK) from each format will move on to the finals.


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Thursday 24/01/2008, 18:45

5) You will have 3 days to play your matches vs your opponent. If you cannot play your matches for any reason you will contact me immediately. Failure to do so will DQ you from the tournament.

6) Failure to play your 3 Matches will DQ you and your opponent from the Tournament.

7) The Use of Multiple Accounts will DQ you from the tournament. All of the accounts. (And earn you a blacklist and a banned alternate account)

smiley ELO Matches are to be played in the ELO Room.
Monoclan Matches are to be played in the Danger Zone.
Daily Tournament Matches are to be played in the appropriate rooms. They do not have to be during the dailies.

9) The Winner reports matches in the following format:

User ID:
Mode Played:
Clan Played (If Mono):

Opponent's User ID:

Score for Match 1:
Score for Match 2:
Score for Match 3 (If played):


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Thursday 24/01/2008, 18:46

10) For Monoclan: Clans your opponent will be playing will be posted with the pairings. If you do not play the clan you have registered for the week, you will be DQed. ALL accusations of failure to play the registered clan must be accompanied by a screenshot. False Accusations will get you DQed (and blacklisted) Screenshots may be taken by pressing the print screen button, and then taken into a photo creation program to be saved from the clipboard. I recommend Irfan View. It is free, and userfriendly. If you do not understand Irfan View for any reason, I can teach you to use it if necessary. I can also send you a copy of Ifran View if necessary, please include this in your entry request, but it is prefered you download your own copy. It is not necessary to have Ifran View to enter.

It can be downloaded at:

Any Photoshopped Screenshots will get you DQed.

11) Insulting your opponent, during the match, after the match, on the forums. Etc. Will get you DQed (and blacklisted). Use Abuse to report this and please specify that it was a tournament match. False Accusations will result in a blacklist.

(DQed = Disqualied. Ie you're permenantly out of the tournament, and your opponent automatically wins.)

12) If you get a bye you will advance to the next round as if you had won your matches.

13) In the case of disputes, questions, etc. You may use the address.


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Thursday 24/01/2008, 18:47

14) My tournaments (There are 2 counties I am dealing with.) Will cover the UK, and the US. The UK players have their own tournament, the US players have theirs. You will not intermix until the final rounds. Please play the tournament in your home country. If your home country is not available, then you may request to play in another country (US or UK only). You will be assigned to a country by what is available.

If you do not speak English, don't register with me. All Requests in Spanish, Tagalog, French, or any other language will be promptly ignored and deleted. Any attempts to play in the incorrect tournament for your country or your assigned country, will result in a DQ.

15) Registration closes on: January 26th at Midnight PST (GMT -smiley. Sunday, January 27th pairings will be posted, and you will have until Wednesday January 30th at Midnight PST (GMT -smiley to POST your Results. Any results not posted will result in both players being DQed. All results should be sent to
Any results or registrations sent to my UR email will be promptly ignored and deleted.


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Thursday 24/01/2008, 18:48

16) Deck Construction Rules

Deck Construction Rules for Monoclan:
1) All decks MUST be Monoclan. Leaders are NOT allowed
2) You may not use the same clan twice until all clans are exhausted. Leader is not considered a clan.
3) Each week winners will send a new email with the clan they will be using for that round.
4) You will construct your decks under ELO rules. This includes all ELO Banned cards.
5) All monoclan matches will be played in the Danger Zone Room.

Deck Construction Rules for ELO:
All ELO rules must be followed. Including Banned clans of the week.
You may not switch decks in the middle of a match. You may switch decks (and will often have to) during inbetween rounds.

Deck Construction Rules for the Dailies:
You may switch decks ONLY between rounds. You may not switch decks during the match.
You must play Type 1 decks as it would be annoying to have to intergrate the two formats into one pod and force someone to switch their deck style.

These rules will only apply until the top 4 from each format. The rules will change then. Understand that all countries involved (there are smiley. May not be playing by the same rules though they will have the same 3 formats and pod structure. I agrued for a universal rules set, but other countries were stubborn. So you're playing by my rules. The main changes are the Single Elimination Format I am imposting.


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Thursday 24/01/2008, 18:49

A Round is defined as the pairings posted. Ie Round 1 will have 6 players. Round 2 will have 3. Round 3 will have 2 from each pod.

A Match is defined as the 1 of 3 games you will play against your opponent. If there is a clear winner at the end of 2 Matches the 3rd match will not be played.

DQ is defined as "Disqualified" ie, you're out of the tournament.


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Friday 25/01/2008, 10:19

17) Do NOT change your user ID after registering for the tournament until you are out of the tournament or it ends whichever comes first. I have you registered under a certain name. If I or your opponent cannot find you, it's just going to end up in you being DQed for not playing your opponent.


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