offline I_am_Rav Hero Indonesia Raya
Saturday 20/01/2007, 17:52

I'm kinda new in this game,but is there any weekly or mothly tournament?with big prizes?
if not why dont why dont the moderator make a weekly tournament with an entry fee(clintz or creedits),or maybe some elo points minimum or qualifier.
and the winners gets credits,clintz or cards,is it posible?

offline Krovic-evo Veteran  
Tuesday 30/01/2007, 18:39

This game is awsome, i think we all agree on that since most of us play this daily. my point is, played many games before this and i was addicted. , and many others. those games were kick ass. why do you think ive quit dthose games and came here? because the stupid admins from those sites decided to listen to suggestions.. my point is. this game rocks, its great, we have plenty of daily tornaments, and we have a 24/7 tornament with elo restrictions. elo is just about the best thing that happened to this game. TO ADMINS : DO YOU KNOW THE SERCRET TO SUCCES? THE SECRET IS TO NOT CHANGE SOMETHING WHEN THAT SOMETHING IS WORKING AS IT SHOULD. this game rocks, please dont ruin it with attempts to improve a already rare fun fillled game.
thank you

offline Krovic-evo Veteran  
Tuesday 30/01/2007, 18:48

If you admins want to improve this game, in my point of view, their is only 2 ways: 1-keep those new cards coming (people will lose interest if no new cards 4 a while) 2- make a in duel communicator, this would be awsome 4 evo.. i eman sometimes things go wrong and it would be so nice to be able to talk to your opponent while dueling.. and the first tought that comes to your minds might be, that some people would harass others with this communicator, and that would be simply resolved by having a mute button 4 your oppenent. what do you guys think?

offline Gazelle28 Imperator  
Tuesday 30/01/2007, 23:58

I agree with the communicator, its like in magic the gathering. You could use that as a distractor or it may be to your disadvantage. Like, if you say your next move, it may confuse him. Ahahahaha. But a mute function would be nice!smiley

offline -sCapeg0d- Colossus Limit Break
Wednesday 31/01/2007, 06:03

Nice plan Krovic on the communicator feature smiley

However the UR staff don't follow the forum and I propose that we propose this idea through the "contact us" link.

offline wmd angelo Colossus  
Thursday 01/02/2007, 15:51

Well there is an irc channel for the time being (and this is what i'm doing) i'm connecting there and i chat " live" with my opponent.. so do the same.. it's a bit annoying to have 2 windows open.. but it's a beginning... smiley

offline Jericho78 Master Malaysian PRIDE squad
Thursday 01/02/2007, 16:06

Hey angelo1961, regarding your tournament, I can't post there so I thought I'd post here instead. A question.

How are we going to play our matches with other people since everyone is from different countries and timezones, they'll login at different times?


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