offline Myleslhk Hero  
Sunday 06/05/2007, 17:57

I just came back from the daily tournament, and the winner has 867battle points. I click on him right away and he only has 4% of the cards, likely his starter pack. (obviously he has more now)

Same thing with ELO, for so many weeks more than one of the winners are from the same people from the same guild.

I'm sorry but these kinds of organized win are just terrible, or am I alone in this? Isn't tournament suppose to be about skills (and yes some luck and how to construct your deck)? smiley

There's got to be a better way!

Like maybe randomly assign fights in the room during daily tournaments?

Or maybe track down these obvious organized winners and ban them for some time? Yes some other organized players will win, but at least it won't be the same people forever! smiley

offline ravvel Hero  
Sunday 06/05/2007, 18:17

There are checks carried out by the staff and the ones catched are given the proper "treatment"

today there were 4-5 players from the ELO top 35 reduced to 1000 and with the possibility of a future ban.
for now the ELO top is clean and the reason you see the same players is because they are the most experienced.
as for the daily tournaments, any obvious cheat and abuse of organized play is seen by staff and dealt with accordingly.

offline weter Veteran Alpha Flight
Sunday 06/05/2007, 18:23

Im not satisfied with that you should improve have like a 10 minute sigfn up period then randomly assign fights or oyu could make the tourneys like round robin where you lose and your eliminated or lose three or somthing

offline impysin Senior (¯`·.._.·S.I.N·._..·´¯)
Sunday 06/05/2007, 18:27

I figured people where cheating in the dailies because to get that many points saying you played 30 duels which is rolling you would have to score 28.9 points a duel impossible without cheating

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