Saturday 21/07/2007, 16:15

I'd like to organize a big tournament for the players between level 20 and level 30.

The prizes are:

1st place - 1 Dragan Cr + 1 Ombre Cr + 1 Skullface Cr + 1 Jim Cr + 1 Thaumaturge Cr + 1 Dwain Cr + 1 Selsya Cr + 1 Beltran Cr
2nd place - 1 Ombre Cr + 1 Skullface Cr + 1 Thaumaturge Cr + 1 Dwain Cr + 1 Selsya Cr + 1 Beltran Cr + 1 Jim Cr
3rd place - 1 Skullface Cr + 1 Thaumaturge Cr + 1 Dwain Cr + 1 Selsya Cr + 1 Jim Cr
4th to 7th place - 1 Thaumaturge Cr + 1 Selsya Cr
8th to 16th place - 1 Thaumaturge Cr

The deck will have no more than 25 stars, and will have to be declared to me by private message. Matches will take place in Danger Zone. There will be groups stages; after that, we will have 16 competitors that will have direct confrontations 2 by 2; then quarterfinals, semifinals and the final.

There is no limit of competitors, but the deadline to get into the competition is July 27th.
To register, just leave the message "count me in" on this thread. smiley

VERY IMPORTANT - i'm looking for someone to manage this tournament for me. I'm paying 50.000 clintz to the one that wants to take care of this job. (for applications, leave a message here, and also send me a pm).

Good luck to all the participants!

Monday 23/07/2007, 09:18


Monday 23/07/2007, 09:19

Count Me In

Monday 23/07/2007, 09:53

For Real I Wanna Play

Monday 23/07/2007, 09:57

Ok, wait for the next update, and you'll be on the list smiley

Monday 23/07/2007, 10:03

Count me in

Monday 23/07/2007, 11:47

Yeh am in

Monday 23/07/2007, 12:06

Count me in if i am still qualified

Monday 23/07/2007, 12:40

Ill do the update later on but dont worry all people that said they in and qualify for the tournament will take part

Monday 23/07/2007, 13:14

Hhhhhmmmm really most def in smiley...Once again a great tournament with Sven aka Tear in it hmmm...i likesmiley

Monday 23/07/2007, 13:37

I'd like to join. smiley


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