offline Mr Intelijent Master  
Tuesday 18/05/2010, 09:53

I would ban caelus and save ratanah how about you?

offline Endracer Guru  
Sunday 23/05/2010, 06:05

Ban caelus, keep every card thta is banned there and a special mention about wee lee:

is the same as ratanah, he is so powerful when teaemd up with nanook, gaia, and now stacey I think. Although I think they need another decent 4* for ELO

offline SadisticCynic Hero  
Monday 24/05/2010, 06:03

@PFSed: what UR century are you living in? tomas isn't as good as aylen for you?
agreed about lehane, i think saving one of the staff banned that have a solution for the problem they bring is reasonable, tell me when you find one that fits the category smiley

offline Blaze Of Fury Imperator TRiNiTY
Monday 24/05/2010, 06:38

Ban striker and save morphun

offline SadisticCynic Hero  
Monday 24/05/2010, 06:43

@Blaze of Fury: this post talk about permanently banning cards, not weekly bans that are decided by players

offline Mr Intelijent Master  
Monday 24/05/2010, 07:24

Spreader-TCG like I said before, banning lehane and bringing back Hawk could work out, he will be often banned but not as much as some of the other cards, without Lehane the best two star would be tobbie who is crippled by - power,soa,sob in some cases and bigger bonuses then what elce is they? the small Rick in mono that can be 6/5 at best but with power that low and being so vunerable to soa? dont think so, then there is Aurelia she is just not that good she is a no ability card with low damage and only decent power, if you have a wall 8 is the suggested power.

offline 0 Chaos Guru  
Wednesday 26/05/2010, 00:42

Save caelus, and sylth, and copper.smiley

Wednesday 26/05/2010, 04:23


offline 0 avist Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 26/05/2010, 22:37

Ban caelus save graks

offline TnT-Loki Imperator TRiNiTY
Thursday 27/05/2010, 12:47

Save Sledg BAN Ghumbo

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