offline LOA-YPJake Guru  
Friday 25/06/2010, 15:16

Hi all, I'm new to ELO. I'm doing okay, I've hit 1070 as a personal best or something like that. I'm currently playing a Mono-Uppers deck which has done pretty well for me. I am, however, about to buy a good amount of cards and I was curious either A) which clans complement Uppers? B)If Uppers struggle in ELO, which clans are a good direction to point my purchases towards to start pushing forward in ELO? I'm still very new to this and I appreciate your help. Thank you.

offline Lunien Guru  
Friday 25/06/2010, 16:30

Consider Junkz, they're pretty solid and almost never get banned (Dreen Rowdy Tremorh Gil is a decent 11* half deck) . You can also pair Uppers with a power manip (all-stars), or a stop half (GHEIST, Nightmare, Roots etc.)

offline wats_happenin Colossus Casual Grind
Sunday 27/06/2010, 07:28

Pair Freaks with Uppers so u can hav solid damage from Uppers (Rubie, Nellie, Oxen etc etc). or use Freaks poison to ruin the opp

offline ChessPiece Senior  
Sunday 27/06/2010, 09:33

I recomment Uppers and Junkz.. attack manipulation works really good..

offline Blue Teddy Novice  
Sunday 27/06/2010, 10:01

I think Ulu Watu and Uppers is pretty good.

offline Cardz_DvF Guru D-Versified
Sunday 27/06/2010, 15:32

Piranas and All Stars works best for me

offline AegisDivine Guru  
Sunday 27/06/2010, 22:01

Anything but Skeelz and Freaks would probably do good in elo...

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