offline st4ar Imperator  
Sunday 27/06/2010, 18:29

So i have a few questions as this is only my second week in ELO

Im having a problem where ill have the same attack as my enemy, but still lose.

And a few situations of where i have a higher attack and still lose?

Im playing on my Iphone if this makes any difference, in the ELO room, where i believe its no random?

This is what my guild mate told me could be the reason to my problem

Check that you have it set to "no random" (you can set this under "game preferences" when you're in any room - next to the "fight now" button).
In any battle with the same attack, the lower star count wins.
In any battle with the same attack and the same star count, the attacker wins

Here is a fight i was just in ~

Majin9 level 43




Round 3, he uses Randy

I one pill methane thinking he will overpill as we are both on 8health 8 pills each.

He one pills Randy for 5 atk,who beats my methane with 5 attack.

I had less stars in this encounter if u add them up.

Also had another fight earlier aganist _Killzone_ level 70.

I 7 pilled with Rolph

He 8 pills with Kerry in a mono rescue deck so..

4x8 + 12 from clan bonus = 44

He won that round. How? i dont see how its possible, and its no the first instance of this.

offline Puddin Tame Guru  
Tuesday 29/06/2010, 06:43

I am kinda surprised the staff don't take away random mode or make the default non random. It seems like a constant source of confusion. It definitely confused me for a bit when I first started.

offline st4ar Imperator  
Tuesday 29/06/2010, 08:14

I figured it out, taking peoples advice here i came across the "No random" setting, this must have been the case. It really spun me out when i came across it ... Thanks guys! problem solved smileysmiley

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