offline TheDarkOrc10 Hero Dark Order of Assassins
Wednesday 30/06/2010, 19:47

I had a link to a preset and it now says deleted is this the actuall preset or the link that has been deleted and if so why are the presets we save just deleted?

offline LOA_2SHARP Imperator Legends of America
Wednesday 30/06/2010, 20:31

I think sometimes they get deleted if they dont have enough ratings

offline TheDarkOrc10 Hero Dark Order of Assassins
Thursday 01/07/2010, 03:12

Probably also heard they delete them if they are not a serious deck my deck wasnt great as in unwinable which was why I was asking for uppers cards to buy in the 500-700 clintz per card region plus any cheaper ones!

offline arcueid_14 Imperator  
Thursday 01/07/2010, 16:52

Sometimes it also happen because you had been sold one/more of your card that exist in your deleted preset

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