offline Doldren Senior  
Saturday 17/07/2010, 03:55

Here it is:

Nistarok, Glorg, Azgroth, Pan, Sargh, Mawpin, Sheitane, Eadh

What do you think? What should I switch?

offline 1mannARMEE Titan  
Saturday 17/07/2010, 13:16

Nistarok seems to be the weakest link imho,
because he is a 5* with only 5 damage and his damage reduction has a very high minimum, but he is in general a very good and flexible card... so I'm not really sure.

this (not my preset, sadly smiley ) is a very nice example of Nightmares and it also fixes the damage reduction problem they have nicely by adding Uranus as a splash: preset=1386711 []

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