Saturday 14/08/2010, 18:59

After trying out a lot of different clans, I've found that I really like the Montanas and Sentinals. I'm wanting to improve the quality of my deck, so I was wondering which cards from that clan I might want to try fitting in. Right now my big hitters are Fabio and Owen, and they've done a lot of cool stuff for me.

Saturday 14/08/2010, 21:50

There's Melvin and Prince Jr. Those are the only cards I can tell you to get knowing they will go in the deck.

Saturday 14/08/2010, 22:32

Ottavia, Sharon, Prince Jr., Edd (when unbanned), Mona (when unbanned), Donnie, Ficcanaso, and Fabio for Montana.

Melvin, Tobbie, Dayton, Havok, Owen, Carlos, Rebecca, Copper (when unbanned) and Skinner for Sentinel.

Both clans have cards that are better in mono decks, like John, Avola, Coby, and Rick.

Sunday 15/08/2010, 02:01

Tessa Cr.

Sunday 15/08/2010, 04:24

-Tessa Cr

We all could be so Lucky.

On topic, for Sentinel, with Lehane staff banned and Copper player banned, you probably want to pick up Owen, Dayton, Miranda, Melvin, Aurelia, and Rebecca. All are good in half and whole. If you're running Mono you'll want Coby, John, and Rick.

Lots of folks believe in Tobbie, but to be honest I don't. SoA is fairly common, and if you're up against a clan with strong Attack manipulation like Uppers, Rescue, or Montana (all of you whom are pretty common in ELO now), you're on the wrong end of Tobbie's ability.

You might want Zhang and Malla in your collection to help head off SoA. SoA is pretty damaging to Sentinel, so working one into a deck can help give you some teeth against GHEIST and Roots.

Good luck.


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