offline IM _Miterman Senior  
Friday 10/09/2010, 04:14

People think that just because there bonus is lower than uppers that Sakrohm is bad
WRONG Sakrohm is so much better
Here is why
Half deck with montana
Best elo with the deck :1259
Sigma is a win
Sigma is a must win so play her with about 5-7 pillz and spend the rest on life gainers
Tip 2
Octavia is not just a DR
Octavia is a soild 7/3,Don't forget thatsmiley
Tip 3
Juatyu is common
Juatyu is a very common Elo card and people pill him about 3-6 so that makes himm a great bluff

Full Sakrohm
Tip 1
Nemestic is better than you thought
Nemestic is commonly played with 0 pillz so it's easy to get his 2 damage by using 1-2 pillz
Tip 2
Petra is deadly
Petra is a great card,so great people wil probly play 1 pill or 6 to beat her so if it's not necisary to win play about 4 pillz
Tip 3
Wakai is underatted
Wakai is a more of a attacker than Nenestic but People still play him with 0 pillz so play him with 2 and he will most likely win

Well thats all folk's
2 things we've leared
1:Sarkrohm is better than we thought
2: i just wrote 1213 words!!!

Your friendly neighborhood miterman

offline IM _Miterman Senior  
Friday 10/09/2010, 05:04

If you didn't noticed Space mafai was only 24 stars and Space walk was only 11204 clintz ATM
And rate my presets up

offline BigPoppaE Imperator  
Friday 10/09/2010, 10:14

Uh you should really consider putting sigma in that bottom deck instead of caciope. I mean, she's the 2nd best poison card in the game (after sylth) in my opinion. An 8/1 3* with -8 attack makes her virtually unstoppable turn one. Does 8 damage by turn 4; she should be in every sakrohm deck. Also I would change embolt to either Lunatik or Na Boh. Na Boh is perfect for a slow bleed kind of deck, you poison, gain some life with one of your three life gainers and sit back and wait to win 11-4.

offline IM _Miterman Senior  
Saturday 11/09/2010, 02:25

Thanks for the advice but cacopice much better againtsSOA and I wantes to show that he's underatted

offline swagmaster420 Guru TRiNiTY
Saturday 11/09/2010, 04:31

Big nailed it. Caciope isn't underrated, he's just bad. On a side note, Sakrohm lost it's touch with the ban of Uranus.

offline subclavianHoA Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Saturday 11/09/2010, 06:27

Caciope is only good as a 1* filler. Mono sakrohm are gonna be weak against SOAs no matter what, so don't worry about it and just use the best cards available.

offline IM _Miterman Senior  
Sunday 12/09/2010, 01:43

Cacopice is as good as any card I've almost every game I've played with him

offline IM _Miterman Senior  
Sunday 12/09/2010, 16:42

I wanted to show what other good cards there are because this was targeted to new players to get into tthe sakrohm

offline subclavianHoA Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Monday 13/09/2010, 05:42

Caciope, at 3*s, has the exact same stats as Nata, except Nata has a Stop: damage +3 ability. So if you like caciope, I recommend giving Nata a trysmiley

offline IM _Miterman Senior  
Tuesday 14/09/2010, 00:54

Thanks for the advice

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