offline Lunien Guru  
Monday 18/10/2010, 04:20

This week (from today at 18:00 to Saturday 23/10, 18:00)
Characters temporarily banned by the players’ votes
Marina Sledg Dagg Bodenpower Lou Emeth Copper Yayoi Dorian

Characters temporarily banned by the staff
Robb Leviatonn Gil Hawkins Noodile Lehane Blaaster Methane Rowdy Elvira Rico Hikiyousan Vermyn N Rolph Oshitsune Kerry Uranus Nanook Bristone Toro Dalhia Arno Havok

Copper remains on the banlist, with Havok and Lehane joining him. SoA pretty hard hit, but definitely still playable, says a lot about the strength of GHEIST and Roots. Yookie's available, so look to see more Roots this week. Rescue still cut down with Sledg, Elvira, Kerry out. Hawkins is on a 2 week ban streak.

Biggest surprise would have to be our first Vortex ban (iirc), Dagg has been player banned, we'll see if that changes anything.

Nothing much else, still the same couple of big cards being banned.

TLDR: Usual bans, Yookie's back, Dagg is out.

offline Termina Est Senior  
Monday 18/10/2010, 05:58

Ghumbo's back.

offline jd105l Veteran  
Monday 18/10/2010, 06:17

Ghumbo is in... I'm expecting to see a variety of NM halves for that reason alone.

offline -Rayce Guru Harbingers of Ares
Monday 18/10/2010, 06:32

The scary thing is there is no really set clan to beet nightmares, well maybe my gibson will help

offline Lunien Guru  
Monday 18/10/2010, 07:13

Ugh..way too tired >.> that totally flew by me. Yeah Ghumbo's back, as jd said, gonna be quite a few nightmare halves, probably something along the lines of Ghumbo, Mawpin/Phyllis, Pan, and either Dieter/Sargh for a 13*, or Glorg/Kenny for a 14* half deck. A pretty sick SoB deck would be that nightmare 13* half + Tula, Tyd, Ulrich and Raeth. Power manip, Atk, manip. DR, SoA (maybe), life gain

offline chocoboz Imperator  
Monday 18/10/2010, 07:39

Yay stanly! mono watu time!

offline swagmaster420 Guru TRiNiTY
Monday 18/10/2010, 07:55

Welcome back Chiara!
Goodbye, Pussycats?
Hello, Gumbo smiley
Why the heck is Arno still out? Geez.

Yookie was in last week.

offline Chirus Guru URBAN MADNESS
Monday 18/10/2010, 08:40

Montana is also free to run amok

offline engrcva Hero † OVER KILL †
Monday 18/10/2010, 11:52

SOB SOB everywhere.

offline jd105l Veteran  
Monday 18/10/2010, 15:33

I second some of iSuicide's comments...

since chiara is also free, i wouldn't be surprised to see a number of nm/skeelz decks using both her and ghumbo. ghumbo+pan+mawpin+phillis for 12*, chiara+redra+praxie+yourfavorite skeelz 4* for 13? thats kinda scary.

with yayoi banned i doubt you see much if any pussycat halves. makes me sad smiley

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