offline suggsie baby Senior  
Monday 15/11/2010, 23:56

Im usually a happy T2 player but fancy a change of scene so i thought id give elo a go
I know the rules but as to what makes an elo deck work right its as of the moment a mystery to me smiley
So before i dedicate many hours to trial and error i thought id ask you guys for some handy tips
I want to play half nightmare as theyre my first clan and ive already got the starting point of owning all the non crs in the clan. Id want to pair that with another clan but am open to suggestions as far as that goes, i dont want to go crazy with the other half of the deck im looking to spend around 75 000 clintz

Any deck ideas from people who really know there stuff would be much appreciated


offline Mr Viggz Veteran the courtyard of shadows
Wednesday 17/11/2010, 03:35

Do some browsing of presets. That will give you a lot of ideas. With 75k you can buy just about any elo deck (if not 2).

As for nightmare, it depends on how you want to play them. You could go for life manip (poison, +life, etc) and use kenny, azel, pan, etc. Pick a clan that fits well with this like sakrohm, jungo, freaks, etc. The nightmare are pretty short on good DR so I would go with a strong DR clan like pussycats or jungo (pegh and Niva).

You could also go with a more power focused deck with cards like azgroth, sargh, and eadh. Picking a clan with any manip would fit well.

A third option is to go with either roots or gheist. The SOB SOA combo is lethal. This week I would go with gheist who have toro free.

A recommended deck would be:

zero dead

offline Termina Est Senior  
Wednesday 17/11/2010, 04:00

Rolph* not Toro

offline HonorGuard Titan  
Wednesday 17/11/2010, 04:11


This is my idea, as you can see im big on drs, life manip, and power manips
idk about your playstyle though

offline Mr Viggz Veteran the courtyard of shadows
Thursday 18/11/2010, 23:12

Thanks for that termina, yes I meant rolph

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