offline cheese_14 Imperator  
Saturday 12/01/2008, 11:55

Ok tihs is a tounreament started by me, here are the detials:

entry fee: 450 clintz, open to ALL levels over 5, (as thre fights are taking place in fight club)
I need: 16 players to complete the tournament but if you join you can battle striaght away,
it is a knockout tourney so if you win, you go thoeugh and if you lose your out,
you must play with 25* star decks, you can post what your using here DO NOT PM ME ABOUT DECKS- unless the opponent has cheated
you must pst here who has won your battle, it is also good to show evidence (e.g.) a screenshot
NO Rescue or Leader cards- im not bothered if the cards you use as banned in the ELO as long as they are not from those 2 card categories
this tournment has prizes but only for the top 2

1rst place: Alexei, Eyrton, Oyoh, Murphy
2nd place: Emma, Zlatar, Dr Saw, Luis, Venus

if anyone is kind enough to donate prizes for 3rd place it would be appreciated,

enter deck below and if you want to enter, all questions can be PMed to me

offline DarkAssault Imperator TRiNiTY
Saturday 12/01/2008, 15:08

I'll join

offline Case Opened Imperator  
Saturday 12/01/2008, 17:42

Ill join toosmiley

offline LOA_2SHARP Imperator Legends of America
Saturday 12/01/2008, 20:00

I'm in when does it start

offline cheese_14 Imperator  
Saturday 12/01/2008, 22:39

There has been a light edit i only need 8 people to join, as i like to keep ahead of the game heres a special tourney chart i made

copy and paste that into your url and then enter, DarkAssault you and Venno can fight right away post HERE who wins, you can only fight once if you have proof (i.e a print screen) of you winning thats even better so get to it and battle!

offline Raynos Guru  
Saturday 12/01/2008, 23:05

Sure ill join smiley ill use something weird though maybe Freaks/Bangers

offline cheese_14 Imperator  
Sunday 13/01/2008, 08:36

Coolio ok RK-Dizkid, you're fighting Raynos, you can get to that right now! Vennominaga have you fought DarkAssault yet?

heres the updated table:

offline DarkAssault Imperator TRiNiTY
Sunday 13/01/2008, 14:49

I pmed him about battle

offline Raynos Guru  
Sunday 13/01/2008, 15:08

Ive changed my mind, im going to use Roots/Uppers

Dorian 3*
Zatman 3*
Jackie 3*
Samantha 2*
Shakra 5*
Armand 5*
Nahi cr 3*
Noodile 1* / Yaman 1* (Noodile is 7/1, and yaman is 4/1, if i run out of 1* noodiles ill use yaman smiley)

offline LOA_2SHARP Imperator Legends of America
Sunday 13/01/2008, 17:51

My deck is:


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