offline pl91 Master URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 05/02/2008, 21:25

Am i the anly one to think that the ultimate forms of the cards are not their best images????to explain i'll just say that i really think that kati's second star image is the best.just make it like a competition for fun

offline wingfighter9 Imperator  
Tuesday 05/02/2008, 21:40

Yes i agree

offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Wednesday 06/02/2008, 04:52

Some cards have good images early on, compared to their finals.
just think of Ashley, and Kimberley, a lot of people don't like their maxed versions.

Also, cards like Ielena are kinda scary at higher levels smiley

but alas, these images are there as part of a logical progression, the top typically being the fiercest most war hardened versions
(though some cards just show more skin)

more likely than not, they won't change the images, because they are recognized by the image more than anything else, and it would cause confusion to change them.

offline pl91 Master URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 06/02/2008, 13:40

I didn't want to suggest to change the images.i just wanted to confirm a fact about this game.i made this... i don't know how
it's called.anyway i made this for you to say your opinion on this point and maybe tell which form of any card you prefer.thnx for reading and answering and sorry for my english

offline ReverseRaven Hero  
Wednesday 06/02/2008, 14:30


Level one is Chun Li from Street fighter
Two is Mai Shiranui from King of Fighters
Three is Cammy from Street Fighter
Maxxed is Ivy from Soul Calibur

I like the Ivy version better, myself.

offline pl91 Master URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 06/02/2008, 15:19

Kati was just an example

offline cheese_14 Imperator  
Wednesday 06/02/2008, 17:27

The best one i think is level 4 of rolph, its MUCH better looking than the lvl 5 one

offline ReadTheRules Titan Maracanaso
Thursday 07/02/2008, 03:51

I like venus 1, before she gets turned into a warrior by fang pi

offline von Hohenheim Senior  
Thursday 07/02/2008, 16:36

I think we should have an option where we can choose which lvl we see on our cards, it'll probably add a little more variety to the game.

offline Capn Clintz Imperator  
Thursday 07/02/2008, 21:28

@TheScather I personally like level one of Kati better then the others lol.
@Asalura Z ye that would be a nice option.

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