offline Trepach Veteran  
Sunday 10/02/2008, 09:47

In the training rooms with a boxglove on the bottom of the page is written: "In this room the XP is calculated as IF the LOWER level character has beat the HIGHER level character, then the sum of the XP won is multiply by 3, and split between both players in equals shares". My question is - what if the higher lvl char beat the lower one?

offline JonelethStar Imperator UpperClass
Sunday 10/02/2008, 10:26

It is still the same the xp will ALWAYS be calculated that way

offline pl91 Master URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 10/02/2008, 10:42

It doesn't matter which card won.the xp will be calculated as if the lower level one beat the higher level one

offline Capn Clintz Imperator  
Sunday 10/02/2008, 17:36

Basically your going by this example no matter what. Level 1 beats a level 5 card. Even if the level 5 wins, they will still calculate it as the level 1 winning.

offline Capn Clintz Imperator  
Sunday 10/02/2008, 18:33

Forgot to say they don't actually go by a level one or five card, they go by what you pick that was just a example. Hope that didn't cause any confusion

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