offline AoEM Tarr Legend Army of Elite Mercenaries
Friday 08/12/2006, 01:14

Now I know how to gain high ELO... simply play anybody - if you win, then you win, if you're loosing, simply timeout... I thought that some noob players timeouts because they're noobs, but the elder players are fair and wont timeout you, especially in ELO... So I was very surprised when I got timeouted by Jedi-morph, 4th player in ELO ranking at the time of the battle... How I am supposed to make it to the top 25 when I cannot beat high ranked player, cos he's coward and unfair?

I think that letting timeout in ELO should be punished very strictly - lets say 50 points down... cos the way it is is totally unbelievable and such manners are ruining the game. I think that the Urban staff should start doing something about timeouting... I haven't spent my money for this game to watch that the only thing that admins do is banning cards in ELO and other stupid stuff when there is such a huge problem as timeouting

offline ReadTheRules Titan Maracanaso
Friday 08/12/2006, 16:05

I agree, the next poll should be how best to punish elo timeouters. minus 50 points is a great idea or plus 50 points if your opponent times out, that would be great!

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Friday 08/12/2006, 16:34

Ya mate i also experience it a win is a win a loose is a timeout sometimes this is a big problem to me especially after loosing one battle from a luck or logically...this should count as a loss...ppl are too much getting abusive

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Friday 08/12/2006, 16:46

Hmmm neko thats good suggestion but thats too much how bout we do it like 30% of elo value? smiley

offline AoEM Tarr Legend Army of Elite Mercenaries
Friday 08/12/2006, 18:10

I think theres no need for punishment... If someone got connection problems taking his 50 points or so away is too much.. I think that generally timeout should be count as if the person who timeouted had lost... I really dont get why timeout counts as if there was no game in the first place - admins must had a bad day when they were developing game rules concerning timeout

offline ReadTheRules Titan Maracanaso
Friday 08/12/2006, 23:21

Ok, maybe not 50, but if it isn't your turn and the game times out you should get about 15 points

offline BodeCBM-EVO Hero  
Saturday 09/12/2006, 01:27

50 is a lot indeed... may 10/15 is a fair value, mostly a nice point reduce for the timeout guy (and c´mon 50 points = 2 games... 10 minutes, no big deal to lose this points)

offline FinalStrike Senior Elite Fight Team
Monday 11/12/2006, 11:25

I would like the points ive earned more than the punishement, but ive come to a conclusion this game is no where close to fair

offline Gawalalolo Imperator  
Thursday 14/12/2006, 04:20

Please 50 points penalty!!!!! and how about much MORE time delay for time-outer during normal leagues? that can be fun too .... I HATE TIME OUTER!!!! =(

offline Obey Giant Imperator  
Friday 15/12/2006, 12:49

Concerning the time out it should classify you as a winner and your points should be adjusted accordingly...for the guy that timeouts... if he timeouts more then 5 times he should be disqualified for the rest of the month this would totally eliminate this problem,hell make it if he timeouts 3 times he is banned for the month...smiley

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