Tuesday 22/05/2007, 17:21

There will be 3 card prizes. Rather good and expensive ones, and no clintz prize. . You will play 5 games against each other and the winner advances to the next round.

The prizes will be:
1. Splata (R) (market value 22000 ctz)
2. Ombre (U) (market value 14000 ctz)
3. Dwain Cr (Cr) (market value 10000 ctz)

If you want to join it will cost you 4000 clintz - it also allows both supporters and none playin urban rivals to join . Just send me a private message I will then forward you a card to your private sales requesting the entry fee 5 days for sign ups and we will start saturday night.

Rules For Decks:
1. stars must equal 25 or less
2. only 8 cards only per deck no doubles
3. only 1 lv5 in the deck allowed
4. No cr cards allowed
5. No changing decks

Good Luck!

please post here that your in then i will foward a card to your private sales for your entry fee, once saturday roles around then i will set up the matchups.

Tuesday 22/05/2007, 17:35

This is my first attemp hosting a game tournament besides my guild internal ones, im use to doing them in my guild for cheaper so not sure how it will Pan out here to me it doesnt seem high , especially since none of you are my guild members, but some might come to play this is open for all urban players and my fellow guild members.

Tuesday 22/05/2007, 17:47

I forgot to mention to determine your fights/battles :

You will play 5 games against each other and the winner advances to the next round.

win=2 points
k.o= .5 points
loss= 1 points

in the event of i tie after 5 matches which i highly doubt but you never know you will have a final 6th match to determine who advances and who is eliminated for/from round two ect

Tuesday 22/05/2007, 20:56

I should join...btw remove me from your blacklist....big thanks...smiley

Tuesday 22/05/2007, 23:40

Ill join smiley

Wednesday 23/05/2007, 02:14

Hey bro, thanks for setting this up. Hmm kinda steep incription IMHO but still.....I'll join. But let me sort out some stuff first beside I finalise. Thanks.

Wednesday 23/05/2007, 18:08

0-Sven-Evo - Titan
Yesterday at 21:56

I should join...btw remove me from your blacklist....big thanks...

? i dont have anyone on my black list?

Wednesday 23/05/2007, 18:15

Joined up so far:

0 Wiivja id_player=299877

Wednesday 23/05/2007, 18:18

And no problem if this turns out not bad ill do many more with great cards and rewards- to me for what the cards are worth it is not that expensive for an entry fee, but i also have no problems doing lower priced ones in the future and perhaps mix the wins with one great card and 2 okay ones ect anyhow good luck to those who enter this one smiley

Wednesday 23/05/2007, 18:21

Current sign ups :

0-Sven-Evo = id_player=94820
0 Wiivja = id_player=299877


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